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Hungry and Well Dressed
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The Standard High Line Life

Read (The Standard of High Line Life at the Standard Hotel). After a very productive night at the sample sale we headed over to the restaurant at the Standard High Line to have a bite to eat. The food was amazing. I had a burger (typical Steph) that melted in my mouth. It honestly did not disappoint, 10 points to The Standard High Line for a killer burger. Not only...

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Posing Carrie

Jacket- J Brand| Overalls- GUESS By Marciano| Shoes- Birkenstock| Scarf - Aritzia| Bag- Longchamp

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Perry St. Hunting

Despite living in the East Village it took a while to make my way over into the West Village and Greenwich. That may be due to my innate bee-line for the Meat Packing District or my friends want to hang out on the Upper East Side. Either way, we ended up wandering around the area on our way to a Chelsea Market sample sale (Vince). On our way through one...

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Matcha Maker Popsicles

What you'll need: 2 cups of green tea brewed with 3 tea bags Assorted fruit. This is such a simple recipe! So easy, little prep time (unless you are cutting up something like a pineapple) and low maintenance "cooking". To start off you are going to want to brew your tea so that it'll be ready and cooled off when you are done with the fruit. Chop and skin your...

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Top- Aritzia| Skirt- Clover Canyon| Shoes- Vince Camuto| Bag- Marc by Marc Jacobs| Watch- Daniel Wellington

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Food is not a secret love of mine. I'm fairly certain that everyone knows this about me... Food love talk aside, I took a few pictures of what I had that night at Nobu and also a cute desert place off of St. Marks Place. XOXO Steph

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What to do with all the photos that just don't fit anywhere? Create a post about your favourite places! The Ansel Bakery aka where Cronuts are sold Midtown... I love to hate it but I love it Le Cafe --> Amazing Lavender Lattes Washington Square Park Times Square Fig & Olive in Meat Packing XOXO Steph

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A Torontonian in New York

Being a Canadian in New York is difficult. For one the drinking age throws one off when you consider that you've been legal to drink since 19 years of age and a year and a bit later you can't even get a sampler at a liquor store let alone a whiff. You also become acutely aware of the fact that every time you eat out at a restaurant and you...

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Bunburying Around the Finances

Scarf- Aritzia| Dress- UNIF| Shoes- Sam Edelman| Bag- Longchamp

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North Cove

In the first week of class our teacher took us on a field trip to the newly developed Brookfield Place in North Cove. While there Joan (our teacher) took us through a J Crew store to show us what she looks for when she is doing research for her own product lines. After going through the stores with her and happily parting ways, some ice coffee later we began to...

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