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Birthday Celebrations and Rooftops

July 20th, 2017. Singapore Raden's family was kind enough to invite Bri and I out for dinner with them to celebrate his birthday while we were in Singapore. We went for Italian for at Garibali, had some amazing Pomadora (one of my favourites). Post dinner we headed off to the National Gallery to Aura, a bar/restuarant, on the roof of the National Gallery of Singapore. Aura has an amazing view...

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Wynwood Walls

  |Sweater - Brandy Melville | Skirt - Aritzia | Shoes - Converse | Sunnies - Ray-Ban| Shop Similar Outfit Details Below:    Shop my Instagram Feed! This content requires JavaScript to be enabled, and the site or browser may be disabling it. Try reactivating it to view this content. [show_ltk_widget_version_two rows="1" cols="4" show_frame="true" user_id="269322" padding="2" app_id="14464470"] This post contains affiliate links. You as a customer do not pay more because I...

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| T-Shirt - The Relatable Co | Jeans - Urban Outfitters | Denim Jacket - J Brand (Bought from Holt Renfrew)| Shoes - Adidas Superstars|

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Retail Marketing- Parsons X Teen Vogue

The featured image of this post is a Wilfred Storefront from Holiday 2015; I was drawn to it when I began this course because of the textures, and warm neutral tones. The Holidays evoke a "cozy" vibe, and the aesthetic of this store front exemplifies it, which is why I think that people were drawn to it. The simple festive shaped poufs in the background and the oblong wooden slats...

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Your Audience – Parsons x Teen Vogue

According to I've hit a 5k person reach, which is insane. There are 5000+ people out there across Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and this blog who find what I post interesting! Let's be real, shout out to my family for being 10 out of the 11 followers of this blog, and to my friends who make up 95% of the likes, I get on Instagram. But those other few thousand...

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Your Product – Parsons x Teen Vogue

I have always loved the idea of an oversized bag, ever since I saw the Chanel  Hula Hoop Bag, I became fascinated with the idea of oversized accessories. I drew my inspiration from the Diane Von Furstenburg 440 Envelope Clutch and the Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch. My piece is an oversized envelope bag, made out of my nautical inspired geometric stripes pattern. This piece took FOREVER to make; the longest part...

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Your Mockup Production – Parsons x Teen Vogue

To build this bag out of the lace I have selected requires a 2 part process. First, the bag needs to be constructed out of a sturdy canvas to keep the shape and give a frame to the lace overlay. Then the lace needs to be adhered to the canvas. The bag will have a magnetic closure on the inside of the front flap for ease of use. The Lace Samples:...

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Production Standards – Parsons x Teen Vogue

In trying on different items of clothing, I noticed there was a huge discrepancy between a Forever 21 small and an Aritzia small and a Lululemon size 2 and an Aritzia size 2. After trying on numerous sweaters and jeans and dresses, I found that I range from an extra- small to a small and a zero all the up to a size four. That's six different sizes that I could...

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Production Costs- Your Idea Parsons x Teen Vogue

When running around trying to figure out what I wanted to make for my accessory, I kept bouncing between making a belt or a bracelet. When I was getting the supplies I needed to make the blouse and the print, I came across "Corner Squares" aka. The leftover material from bolts of fabric. From there the idea completely changed I kept thinking about the bandana's that Amanda Steele wears as...

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The Yearly Round Up

It's January 1st, I'll be 21 in exactly 31 days, and I've been Hungry and Well Dressed for five months and a week. To get things started to my family, those who I see once a month, twice a year or once every few years I'm lucky I have you. Through our dysfunctionality, functionality and not so secret concern when Grandma gets given a glass of wine we've taken it...

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