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Photo Diary: California May 2016

My parents and I went on a road trip from Los Angeles California to San Francisco by way of Yosemite National Park and Napa Valley. Driving up the Pacific Coast Highway for all its stunning views is still a massive undertaking due to the sheer number of stops one can make. To start the trip we flew in Los Angeles as our starting point, I know that a lot of...

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The Faroe Islands

Bundled up in a dry suit, on a hundred-year-old Canadain schooner after having fished for lunch in the North Atlantic, the last thing I thought would happen would be to watch a fourteen-year-old light up a cigarette, pulled out of a plastic baggy to protect it from the damp and launch into a personal epic about his first Grind. To the group of us gathered below the deck to escape...

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Laduree in Washington Square Park

Laduree the iconic French Patisserie known for it's macaroons and (less commonly known) for their amazing iced coffee was a stop I had to make while in NYC. On a class field trip to Soho with our teacher Joan, she wanted us to shop around and get ideas for our final project. While walking along trying to find my way to DASH to check out the For Love and Lemons...

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The Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge was a huge must on my list of things to do in New York City. My second weekend at Parsons we made the trek on the subway to the bridge to trek across it to Brooklyn to trek to Williamsburg. Yes... lots of trekking happened. The day we decided to see the Brooklyn Bridge it happened to be ridiculously hot outside. My suggestion if you...

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Soho is a staple Manhattan Icon. It has cobble stone streets, coloured buildings littered with coordinated fire escapes and impeccably dressed women flitting in and out of luxury stores. It it's gorgeous opulence I find myself wandering through the streets constantly taking pictures of every fire escape or cobble stone that I pass treating every photo op like I'll never go back. Please enjoy my photo diary from Soho. XoXo...

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Metropolitan Museum

The Museum Mile Festival is one night a year when 5th ave is closed off on museum mile for a street festival. For us who had class from 9-4, Monday to Friday or work during those same hours visiting a museum can be difficult. Because of this one night Marianne and I decided to take advantage of the extended hours at the Metropolitan Museum (MET) to see the China Through...

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The Boathouse Central Park

June 8th is a day I will not forget. Why? I went to the Boathouse for dinner. The Boathouse overlooks the pond in Central park and Bethesda Terrace. While dining under its red awnings it's common to catch a glimpse of the turtles and fish who live in these waters. The grandeur of the Boathouse is not missed amongst the stately white pillars and your fellow diners. A moments commentary...

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Central Park City

Central Park is gorgeous, an oasis within the concrete jungle. It's where you can disappear in New York and find yourself not within a crowd. Where being alone doesn't feel lonely. Around Park Avenue Princes and Princesses, tourists and the occasional downtown dweller who ventured up town for the park, the looming canopy is serenity divine. Bethesda Terrace is one of my favourite places in the park. Situated right off...

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Rockefeller Centre Dreams

Rockefeller is a world unto itself. Tucked between avenues cushioned by sky scrapers the sounds of traffic and tourists fighting through hoards of different tourists makes you feel that this is what the good city life must be. Sitting in what is normally a skating rink during the colder months you look up to the towering buildings looming above you and can't see any stars. Being so close to Times...

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What to do with all the photos that just don't fit anywhere? Create a post about your favourite places! The Ansel Bakery aka where Cronuts are sold Midtown... I love to hate it but I love it Le Cafe --> Amazing Lavender Lattes Washington Square Park Times Square Fig & Olive in Meat Packing XOXO Steph

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