A Torontonian in New York

Being a Canadian in New York is difficult. For one the drinking age throws one off when you consider that you’ve been legal to drink since 19 years of age and a year and a bit later you can’t even get a sampler at a liquor store let alone a whiff. You also become acutely aware of the fact that every time you eat out at a restaurant and you want to order something to drink you most likely will need to pull the “oh I only have my student card” or the ever popular “I’m traveling so I don’t have any ID”. The traffic… oh my goodness are people aggressive, not saying that Union doesn’t get a little crazy during rush hour but hello 24/7 pushing and shoving especially in Mid Town. That’s another thing, for any green space, open air, personal space loving Canadian Mid Town is not the place to be. Restaurants are amazing, Broadway is spectacular and Times Square is something else but unless you are going there for those three things and are supremely determined I would suggest Downtown and the Financial District (much more greenery and a closer proximity to water).

Coming from Toronto does have it’s advantages. Your experiences running upstream while everyone is pushing downstream on the PATH gives you that competitive edge over fellow commuters on the subway. “Big City living” in New York makes going back to Toronto THAT MUCH EASIER. Seriously… my suburb has never seemed so tame. Really tame. I am going through major withdrawal from the evening performances in Union Square or the sirens going off at Beth Israel, let’s face it, quiets never been my style.

Navigation in New York is 10x better than anywhere else I’ve been. The subway while confusing at first makes commuting between North- South Neighbourhoods a dream unlike our glorious “u” shaped and Bloor lines. Plus walking everywhere is not only efficient (monetary and fuel wise) but you have the opportunity to stop and smell the roses. You know on Fitbit how you have your step goals? I wouldn’t doubt that all New Yorkers have step goals of well over 20 000. Why would you want to take another method of transportation if you have the time?

Top 10 Packing Items for New York City

1. Walking Shoes
2. Camera
3. You favourite sporty chic outfits combining yoga pants and nikes
4. Umbrella
5. Second Pair of Walking Shoes
6. Athletic Socks
7. Phone
8. Extra memory cards
9. Starbucks Cards
10. Chipoltle Gift Cards

XOXO Steph

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