New York, New York

Do you ever have one of those life changing, thought process altering, complete turn your world inside out and upside down moments? Parsons in New York was that for me. From June 1st to June 20th I studied Fashion Merchandising with 19 inspiring, passionate and driven people. Our class was a mixture of students and entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers and those who were still trying to find their place in the industry.

In context, I didn’t stumble into this course happen chance one day while walking up fifth ave. While that would be an amazing story and probably something out of a tv show this was months of very un glamorous planning. In December 2014 while on vacation in Panama with my family I was feeling really frustrated about my program and where I was going from graduation knowing that a political science degree is most certainly not the “right” stepping stone to fashion. After researching FIDM and Parsons, talking to family members and friends who had gone to one or the other I decided that Parsons is where I want to be permanently forever… I mean even more so now but running away to New York to go to Parsons is a romanticization that after having lived, it stayed equally romantic when I was living it as when I was dreaming it.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I share my New York experience with you and introduce you to Hungry and Well Dressed!

XOXO Steph


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