The Standard High Line Life

Read (The Standard of High Line Life at the Standard Hotel).


After a very productive night at the sample sale we headed over to the restaurant at the Standard High Line to have a bite to eat. The food was amazing. I had a burger (typical Steph) that melted in my mouth. It honestly did not disappoint, 10 points to The Standard High Line for a killer burger.

Not only was the food amazing at The Standard High Line the aesthetic of the restaurant was everything I want my kitchen to be minus the outdoors and lack of white cabinetry. But it had vines every where and light warm toned wood and black trellises and more greenery. IN LOVE.



For dessert a little earlier in the evening after the sample sale we went to the Fat Witch Bakery in the Chelsea Market. BEST BROWINIES OH MY GOODNESS. Photocredits to Marianne.


To burn off all of those calories and keeping with our standard routine we walked around and explored the area a little bit more. After getting ourselves a little bit lost, we made it to 10th Ave and the boardwalk that runs along the piers old and new a like. Everyone else at this point was pretty unimpressed with the massive amounts of walking that we were doing and so we headed in for the night.


XOXO Steph

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