Blogmas Day 4: Holiday Party Dress Guide

Yes, yes these are overdone but every year there are new dresses, so I think it’s entirely acceptable.

The Holiday Bar Hopping

Serious question, why are you wearing a dress to this? Really? Evaluate, please. You probably have a shirt with creative drinks on the back and some holiday print mixed with alcoholic beverages on the front.

Do everyone a favour, wear pants please. Especially if you slip and fall, pants.

These ripped jeans are a great suggestion.


The After Work Drinks

Keep it simple, but dress down. You can have a little fun with your outfits; this is a casual affair, but you still want to be put together.

Depending on where you are going these two Free People options has your dress code covered.

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The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!!! I love them, but I don’t own any. I will work on that. ASOS has an amazing selection, BUT I could resist these Drake ones.


The Dinner Date

This is your time to shine. Seriously… Shine, Sequins on a simple silhouette paired with an edgy leather jacket and some moto boots or a trench and an elegant scarf completely change the look.

THIS dress from Free People is EVERYTHING.


The Family Gathering

I don’t know about you guys, but I watch what I wear at family gatherings, mostly because my family doesn’t dress up and I have a tendency to stalk around campus in chunky 4-inch ankle boots and because Grandma Mumford is there. You know… got to dress like Grams is watching because well, she’s watching.

A simple sweater dress is easy, and you can’t go wrong.

This dress from Aritizia is simple but still elegant.


The Office Party

Classy is essential. Your boss is watching, and unless you boss is getting down in the centre of the dance singing JBiebs, I will avoid that, unless you know that they are about to get 3-4 shots in them and let loose.

While it’s a party and it’s fun, it is still a work function. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun with it.

This¬†dress from Anthropologie is bright, colourful but it’s cut is appropriate for the office.

4130580818953_039_bxoxo Steph


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