Shoots are exciting. From the drawing board to the final image selection it’s about finding inspiration. Taking a theme or vision and bringing it to life through fashion, hair, and makeup is a rewarding experience.

Magazine Aesthetic

In this issue, we wanted to play with the traditional ideas of prom. We brought together tulle and crinoline skirts with embellished bodices, in contrast with elegant pantsuits, clean lines. We were inspired by the whimsical fairytale and the knight in shining armour, feeding into the idea that prom is a magical, unforgettable night; we wanted to embody the fantasy of the experience.


This prom season, be bold in whatever you wear.

The timeliness lies in the growing movement in fashion towards androgyny, Caitlin Jenner’s public transition, and the legalisation of gay marriage in the United States. Gender norms are evolving as the language surrounding gender identity and sexual orientation expands and encompasses the larger spectrum.

Edgy PromWe took inspiration from James Bond and The Devil Wears Prada to embody the attitude and feel we wanted for the shoot. Classic elegance with a hint of masculinity, the suit is power manifested. The suit represents a girl’s ability to be her own knight in shining armour.

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The suits, clean cut and tailored, are matched with simple hair and makeup. The hair is slicked back and straightened for a no-nonsense polished look paired with an elegant bold lip. False lashes were applied to a bare lid to amp up the drama. Light contouring adds angularity to the models features and defined cheekbones under the flash. We wanted the lip colour to be accessible, but unexpected. We went with a bright lilac, deep teal, and a glossy blackberry, unusual colours that are growing in popularity for those who are looking for a bolder look.


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