Social Media has changed our perceptions of the people around us. It has given us the possibility to shape the way we are viewed by the world on a broad scale. We are given the ability to portray ourselves in any manner possible. On social media, you can be a foodie, a personal stylist, an artist, even a rock star depending on the pictures that you upload and illusion you create for yourself.  Branding oneself on social media has become an industry where individuals have turned their profiles into business opportunities. Social Media ‘Stars’ have expanded the realm of endorsements beyond the traditional coverage of celebrities and athletes.

Sponsored posts have become an industry standard for social media marketing, companies can use the engagement influencers receive on their content to sell their product. Advertising through influencers and social media has allowed brands to reach their target demographic on a personal level. Influencers incentivise consumers to buy their product, as they provide an almost personal connection. When an influencer promotes a product, it seems as if a friend or a trusted confident is recommended the product.

How does an influencer get sponsored?

There are two ways in which a social media influencer can procure a sponsor. The influencer can be contacted directly by the company, either through a Public Relations List for product gifting, or for event appearances.Or the influencer can do the contacting themselves through direct messaging or through third party sites which connect brands to an influencer base. Once under contract, the manner in which they go about posting the content is completely up to them. Fashion bloggers, vloggers and instagrammers tend to post pictures of themselves wearing the product styled with, or combined in a flat lay. Influencers who focus on travel, or fitness will feature themselves at locations or doing different activities. For each category, there are different methods, but they will all prominently feature the product or company that has sponsored the blogger and will now using #sponsoredpost or #ad.

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