Cherly Blossom Get The Look Riverdale Season 1

Anyone who watches Riverdale will know and love (?) Cheryl’s sass, savagery and amazing fashion sense. While she is a TV show character and thus, doesn’t always have the most practical outfits, however, she slays. There are 3 things that I think about when Cheryl Blossom fashion are jewel tones (red and green specifically), patterns (gingham and plaid) and textures (velvet and leather).

Instead of replicating her outfits exactly, I am going to break down what I would consider some staple pieces and how I think she would style them.




Cheryl has three go to top styles if you will. 1) super feminine, involving ruffles. 2) Simple and usually involving a turtle or mock neck. 3) Red… Cheryl wears A LOT of red.


Leather, Gingham, Velvet like fabrics are 100% up her alley. Throughout the show, she tended to wear pencil, a-line and circle skirts the most and skinny trousers or jeans.


Cheryl has three very different personalities when it comes to her dresses, she is either dressed in a girly white dress with ruffles, laces or all of the above. Structured high neck dresses very similar to Veronica’s or plunging, open back vixen like dresses.


Cheryl is very much a fan of statement brooches and choker necklaces. Featured on these brooches and necklaces are often bees and spiders (little odd but I’m into it)

How to Wear: 

The key to getting Cheryl Blossoms look isn’t so much the pieces that she wears specifically – the silhouettes are obviously important – it’s how she puts everything together.

Nailing her look requires a blend of textures, patterns and layering just enough. She tends to wear simple tops with more statement bottoms, accessorizing with a brooch, when wearing a high neckline. Cheryl opts for chockers when she is wearing a lower neckline. To really nail her style you need to keep your colour palette in line with hers, lots of black, red and a smattering of hunter green and deep teal.

Incase you need a little bit more inspirtation I’ve created 2 “examples”

Example 1:

Example 2:

xoxo Steph

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  1. Jana says:

    Statement broaches are my signature! LUV them!

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