Chrissy Teigan New York Fashion Week Get the Look, September 11th

Chrissy Teigan has impeccable style, fearless twitter clap-backs and has the most adorable family… who says you can’t have it all? In scrolling through my explore page, as one does when one doesn’t want to close Instagram but has exhausted ones own feed, I came across her posts from September 11th and obviously started searching the internet high and low for a shirt dress that looked like hers!

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What I love about Chrissy’s outfit is how simple it is. While the asymmetric heel Saint Laurent over the knee boots are a little out of the ordinary, this outfit looks like something I would wear on the daily. The one thing I couldn’t find an exact match for is her bag as none of the images I found showed it fully!

Hope you guys enjoyed my first celebrity get the look!

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xoxo Steph

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