My TV Style Icons – Fall 2017

You’ve heard me talk a lot over the past month about my TV Character Style Icons, particularly, Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) and Cheryl Blossom (Riverdale). My friends, especially the ones that I talk to about the blog, know that these two characters and the shows that they are on are my loudly proclaimed favourites. This fall, in particular, my style has transformed once again. Usually, my fall style leans towards an edgy biker vibe with lots of black, leather, and t-shirts. This year I’ve kept the black, leather and tees but I’ve incorporated what I would deem more feminine pieces.

Both Cheryl and Blair are your stereotypical teen television drama B**TCH there’s no better way of putting it. That’s not why I love them so much – being that mean is not a good thing – but they have a confidence to them which you can’t ignore.

What Inspiration I’m Pulling From Blair

Her shirting, her neck ties and her romantic style.

What Inspiration I’m Pulling from Cheryl

Her leather pieces, her colour scheme, and her edged out basics

Undeniably both women have fantastic taste in shoes and there is no denying that no matter what shoe you put with the looks, you’re gunna slay.

xoxo Steph


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