How I Pack for a Month Travelling in Asia (NOT BACKPACKING)

It’s no secret that I travel frequently and usually for extended periods of time. One of the most difficult things that I always have to deal with is outfit variability, especially because when travelling I like to create tons of content.

The two biggest difficulties I find that I face while travelling is the lack of space/weight and laundry. These obviously go hand-in-hand together and that struggle only gets more and more real the longer you are away.

The easy go to answer for packing light is dresses and rompers. They are easy, breezy, and most importantly an outfit in itself. You save space in your luggage by not having to pack multiple bottom – top combinations. If you are like me and dressed/rompers really aren’t your go to everyday style then pre-planning is your best friend.

Here are my top tips:

– Pre-plan, you need to know roughly what you are going to where and when, or else DISASTER may strike… jk it’s really not that dramatic, but this not only helps you not over pack but it prevents you from having an “omg I don’t know what to wear”.

– Limit your shoes… I know… the horrors, but you can get away with wearing the same pair of shoes much easier than you can wear the same t-shirt day-in day- out. This also cycles back to the pre-plan, by pre-planning you can ensure that each of your outfits can be paired with the 2-3 shoes you bring with you.

– 2-3 shoes… I’m not kidding. Bring a pair of “walking shoes” – converse, adidas, keds, vans, runners, etc – these are likely going to be your everyday shoes. One pair of heels, heels are a safe bet to wear to the majority of nicer restaurants in Singapore in particular. Finally a pair of flats/slides, these are for those dressy but not too dressy days, you feel?

– Cotton and Linen, in the heat and humidity you need fabric that BREATHES. You might think that Toronto or NYC gets humid but you have not experienced South East Asia in the middle of summer when it’s sunny, hot AND 90+ percent humidity…

– Travel size is not your friend… I’m not kidding… like if you have 0 hair on your head maybe… but if you are out walking around in the heat and the humidity you are going to be showering and “cleaning” up frequently. I usually travel with a smaller full sized shampoo, conditioner and face wash, because I’m decently fussy about that sort of thing and have waaayyy to much hair on my head to go without what works for me. There is also a serious concern whenever travelling that you won’t be able to find what you like, the labels will not be in your language of choice so you have no idea if it’s safe for colour treated hair etc. In a lot of countries, you won’t have a problem but there is always the “just in case”.

xoxo Steph

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