How I’m Shopping in 2018

There is SO much out there to purchase and with the constant inundation of products from influencers and advertisement and celebrities it’s not surprising that I/we tend to end up wanting everything or nothing or frustrated. Another difficulty that I have with buying things is that while I would love for my wardrobe to be a combination of luxury, contemporary and mass market pieces I shy away from mass market companies in favour of contemporary brands that are good quality and have pieces that I can wear year after year. I end up slowly accumulating lots of clothing but in the short term I end up acquiring only a handful of new pieces a month if that. Which for blogging means repeating pieces, usually a taboo in the fashion blogging world. I have learned that this is the way I like to shop and need to spend time investing in quality over quantity.

To alleviate my struggle and the save my wallet I have decided to plan my purchases which I have been doing¬†somewhat but I’ve decided to set out a proper plan… finally…

Step 1:

The first thing I’m doing is making two lists. List one, things that need to be replaced ie. if something breaks, gets damaged beyond wearability or I run out of something. List two, the wants, all the pieces that I would like to purchase.

Step 2:

Find inspiration on how to style the pieces, especially with the less basic pieces that I want, as well as brainstorm how the pieces will work with what I currently have.

Step 3:

For clothes: shop in outfits. Buying one off pieces here and there is a great way to shop, but I’ve ended up with one too many items of clothing that I got because I thought it was “cute” and then never wore because I had no idea how to pair it. Buying outfits aka a top and a bottom that you know 100% will work together, removes this issue. It’s a safety net to ensure that everything is wearable.

For Higher Ticket Price Items that are BASICS: These are things like leather jackets, nice black boots, scarves etc. Those things that you can purchase any year and know that they will have longevity through the next few years. I try¬†to purchase these on sale or when stores are having promotions to get more “bang for my buck”, because they are more expensive pieces in some cases but I know that I’ll wear them often for many seasons and buying these items in a special or when there is a sale makes it easier to afford and justify them.

For Beauty: Promo’s are life. This past Sephora sale was the first time I really thought about planning my Sephora purchases around the sales in a major way, but it’s something I am 100% researching, planning and preparing for in the future. 20% off Sephora isn’t a massive discount but it’s a really easy way to save if you are smart about when you purchase. I don’t actively restrict myself from buying things outside of sale times but I do try to limit it to replenishing Mascara, a Serum here and there, or something I desperately want to try that can’t wait but I do hold off buying the non-essentials until that time.

Step 4:

Set the budget. You should save no matter what financial position you are in, but I am still a student and starting out in the professional world so it’s important to me that I take care of future me.

Setting a budget will help me avoid over-spending and help me save for certain pieces.

Step 5:

This is just an extra for when I’m online shopping but I want to be more proactive with my use of sites like Ebates and Honey which give you cash back or discount codes. They are a quick additional step that help you save a little bit more here and there.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you want to read more like it please let me know!

xoxo Steph


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