On The Hunt: January 2018

“On The Hunt” is a new series that will be published monthly (usually on the first excuse this month’s delay) and it will detail the pieces that I’m looking to purchase that month, why and the options I’m looking at. The purpose of this series is to give you an insight into how I decide what to purchase each month and the inspo I’m drawing from.

Step 1: If you don’t follow me on Pinterest please do! You will likely see ALOT of my inspo pictures before I post them on here!

On The Hunt 1: Gingham Pants


I have been looking for a pair of gingham pants for a few months ever since I saw this picture come up on my Pinterest page.

The perfect pair is SO HARD to find! So many places had them but are now completely sold out!




On The Hunt 2: Fluffy White Sweater


A Fluffy White Sweater is something that I surprisingly do not have in my collection! Considering that I live in a variation of jeans, tees/sweaters and my Gucci belt you would think that I would have one. But just like the gingham pants I still haven’t found one that I’m totally in love with yet.


On The Hunt 3: Whimsical Dresses


White, blush, light slate blue and floral dresses to pair with fishnets, combat boots and motorcycle jackets for spring.

In my attempt to move away from jeans and a sweater all the time I want to start incorporating more boho/romantic style dresses into my wardrobe that will take me from spring to summer through the fall and winter depending on how I pair them.



On The Hunt 4: Lucy Williams x Missoma Horn Necklace


The final piece that I am on the hunt for this month is a very specific piece from Missoma.

I have been coveting pieces from this collection ever since it launched and have decided to take the plunge!

A horn necklace is the ultimate “it” girl necklace, especially when layered with other dainty pieces and coin necklaces.

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