Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer… OMG, first of all, let’s just talk about the hype and press surrounding this hairdryer. It’s literally EVERYWHERE, people are getting sent these left, right and centre. Shay Mitchell is getting her hair blown out by one (if she’s using something you better believe I’m using it too) and it’s one of the most talked about tools of the year.

Looking through the reviews on Sephora it’s RAVED about, and I’m honestly not surprised.

I started researching this product at some point in the summer after it surfaced on my Instagram feed (where else) and looked it up on Sephora. My first impression was that it looked so different from any other hairdryer AND it was $500 CAD… honestly ridiculous especially on a student budget. But I kept researching as it became more and more prevalent and I became more curious! I was even more curious when I found out that my boyfriend HAD ONE… YES, my boyfriend who has practically no hair on the sides of his head had this blowdryer. Now one thing to know is my man does his research before buying anything remotely tech related. If this dryer had his stamp of approval it had to be something special.

Knowing he had one I held off from purchasing my own until after I got home from London this month because I wanted to be sure that I was ready to invest and that it really would make a significant difference in my dry time.

LET ME TELL YOU OMG!!!!! I have hair almost to the top of the small of my back, it’s thick and has really minimal layers. My normal hairdryer The DryBar Baby Buttercup Hair Dryer takes about 25 minutes to rough dry my hair… that’s me taking the time to divide my hair into sections, pick apart pieces and flip my head upside down a few times. The Dyson rough drying my hair took less than 10 minutes. Going back through with a round brush over the front section took 15 seconds maybe to get the same results 2-3 passes would take. When I divide my hair and use a paddle brush to blow my hair straight it takes about 5 minutes.

The best part about this hairdryer is how powerful it is, the amount of air coming out of the nozzle is so much more than another dryer. It makes drying hair with a brush a breeze, instead of having to blow the same section 2-3 times (at minimum) for my hair to be dry, by the second pass it’s dry AND styled.

This hair dryer also leaves my hair shiny, health and so smooth. It’s the sleekest blowout I’ve ever been able to achieve at home. When I dry my hair straight normally I usually feel the need to run my flat iron over the back of my hair because it’s a little poofy and frizzy. Now I don’t know if I would even need my flat iron most days.

Another major benefit of the dryer is the design. First, it’s much more compact than other dryers allowing for easy storage. Second, the weight is heavier than a traditional dryer but not in a substantial enough way that it would affect you seriously. The weight is also mostly evenly distributed with a slight bias to the base which creates an ergonomic hand feel. Finally, the nozzles are beautifully designed AND they are so easy to change. The attach almost magnetically (I’m not 100% sure but that’s what it seems) and they don’t heat up in the same manner that traditional nozzles do. In actuality, the device on whole remains significantly cooler than a traditional hair dryer.

What you guys might not know about me is that I’m really particular about my hair. Not in an obsessive “everything must be perfect” kinda way, but I do think I was blessed with naturally lovely hair that’s really really low maintenance and I try to take advantage of that by using good products and tools that enhance my natural texture. This Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is one of those products that make me so excited to get up and wash my hair. Drying my hair used to be a whole process that I would dread because even after I had gone through the whole ordeal, my hair would never be fully dried.

In total, this hair dryer gets a 5/5 in my opinion. Even if it was not as sleek or the nozzles were more difficult to use I would still rank it highly based on the time it takes to dry my hair.

xoxo Steph

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