How I Packed for Singapore and London: Christmas 2017

Hello Everyone!

We are coming off Birthday weekend here in London, and I am nearing the end of my trip. If you haven’t read my What Am I Doing in London post then you may not know that I’ve been staying in London for the past month and prior to London I was in Singapore. In total, I’ll have been gone for 8 weeks. That’s a lot of clothes that one needs to worry about, and two different climates that need to be packed for.


I pulled out everything that I thought I would want to wear in each city and began to put together a few outfits for Singapore that I could pack first because the majority of what I would be wearing in Singapore I wouldn’t be able to wear in Canada.


I laid out my two suitcases, in preparation for this trip my mom and I decided to upgrade our suitcases to a set from Away. The set comes with a  Large, Medium and Carry-on suitcase, and they are SO light. For Singapore, my Mom and I split the Medium suitcase because summer clothes don’t take up a lot of room and the majority of my shoes/toiletries were things that I would be taking on with me to London I needed to make everything fit into the large suitcase.


Once all of the pieces that I knew were 100% summer pieces, I moved my focus onto the basics/layering pieces that I knew I could wear on their own in Singapore or be put under sweaters and dresses in London. These I packed into my Large “London” suitcase.


With my clothes divided and my suitcases laid out, I went onto the challenge of making everything fit. Making enough sweaters for 5 weeks fit into a suitcase is the most difficult thing EVER. Especially because I brought my really chunky Acne Sweater which took up an obscene amount of room that led me to plan my packing around fitting that sweater in.


I needed to leave room for any potential shopping, I mean… I’ve been away for 2 months there is no way that I wouldn’t do a teeny bit of shopping. So I allocated room in my carry-on and changed my “carry-on” suitcase into a second checked for my way home from London.


Finally, I had to figure out how to pack my wide brim wool hat from Lack of Color. To make it fit I ended up rolling my thin sweaters and t-shirts around under the brim and then packing the centre with socks and a scarf.

Stay tuned for exactly what I packed for London in the winter!

xoxo Steph


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