My Skincare Routine 2018

I have a confession, growing up I had really really bad acne… to the point that I was prescribed and am still religiously using topical acne medication from a dermatologist. My current skincare routine has been built around the necessity for me to use these two products for the foreseeable future while addressing what my skin feels like. My dermatologist told me that the ONLY products I would need in my skincare routine would be the two serums, the face wash, and a light moisturizer. This really simple routine did work for my skin when I was first prescribed them, but as my skin dried out and the weather changed my skin COMPLETELY changed texture and I knew that I needed to do more for my skin. In combination with my 2017 resolution to take better care of my skin and my focus for this upcoming year on my “base” makeup ie. primer, foundation and how my skin looks with makeup on, this routine is all about being glowy, acne free and hydrated.


I use three different cleansers in my routine: OLEHENRIKSEN  Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser, Trisan Gel Cleanser and Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder.

AM/PM: Cleanse with either OLEHENRIKSEN or the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder. I don’t have a set schedule of which day I use one in the morning or at night because they serve different purposes. If I feel that my skin is a bit greasy from any product I used the night before or I’m having a “normal” skin day, I use the OLEHENRIKSEN Cleanser, however, if my skin is feeling dry or like I’m about to break out I use the Rice Enzyme Powder. The Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder is a really mild exfoliant that removes enough of the texture from any dryness that has formed and has anti-acne properties which are perfect for my skin.

The Trisan Gel Cleanser I use on days when I’m having a stubborn makeup day and need to double cleanse. It’s gentle enough to use in combination with the other two cleansers that I use and removes any remnants for makeup.

Oil Cleansers:

Here’s my deal with Oil Cleansers, I use the Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil on days when my skin is super dry or I can’t be bothered to double cleanse off my makeup.

How I use it: I take two pumps of the Cleansing Oil and a dime size amount of the Enzyme Rice Powder and gently massage it into my skin. Once it’s broken down my makeup, I add a little bit of water and continue to work the product. After a minute or two, I rinse it off.


AM: Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner 

This toner keeps me matte in my t-zone area ALL DAY despite layering it underneath an oil and serum which are both hydration focus. It’s a must if you are combination/oily and wears beautifully underneath makeup.

In the summer I use this toner every single day not matter what, but in the winter I stick to wearing this only on days when I am going to be wearing makeup.

PM: First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads and First Aid Beauty Clear Complexion Pads

I alternate between these two toners so my skin doesn’t get used to them, I used to only use the Facial Radiance Pads and for the first two months my skin looked AMAZING but then I stopped noticing results. To get those results back once I finished the Radiance Pads I had then got the Complexion ones and have been alternating ever since.


A LOT of people are really surprised that I, someone who is acne prone, would incorporate an oil let alone a couple into my skincare routine. It started in my third year of university the first winter using the topical acne medication. My skin was SO DRY and no amount of water or moisturizer was helping so I added the Josie Maran 100 percent Pure Argan Oil which ended up being too heavy so I switched to the Light version. It did the job but I wanted to expand and with my skin drying out because of the medication I had fine lines starting to form which made me start to research other oils that had more than hydration properties.

AM/PM: Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra Clarifying Face Oil 

I use this whenever I feel a breakout coming or when I have a really bad breakout.

AM: Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil

I use this serum after I use toner in the morning as a base for my serum. The downside of this is that IT SMELLS real strong and it takes a bit to dissipate.

PM: Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil 

This is the first retinol product I’ve incorporated into my routine, it was added as a precaution against the fine lines that had started developing. I use 2-3 drops of this every few nights.

PM: Kheil’s Midnight Recovery Oil 

I just recently re-added this into my routine (it was in my routine in High School but I stopped using it when my acne got really bad after first year), it is incredibly hydrating and plumps up my skin making for beautiful makeup application in the mornings.



This is the second last step of my morning skincare routine, it’s a hydrating and anti-ageing serum that leaves my skin brightened and hydrated all day. Used in combination with the Youth Activating Oil is a GAME Changer. Major shoutouts to Lauren Elizabeth for talking about this product on her YouTube channel (along with the Serum) and I immediately went out and got it.

PM: OLEHENRIKSEN Invigorating Night Transformation Gel

I got this in a set with the Truth Serum and the Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer and feel in love. It’s a great serum that helps enhance the effects of the Kheils Midnight Recovery Concentrate.


AM: GLAMGLOW GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturizer in Nude Glow or GLAMGLOW VOLCASMIC Matte Moisture Glow

I use whichever one of these is on hand I’m not picky. I prefer the Illuminating Moisturizer for under makeup and the Matte Moisture Glow on those days when less is more.

PM: OLEHENRIKSSN Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer 

TBH this isn’t my favourite moisturizer, it’s a bit too light in the winter for my combination skin and doesn’t really have enough “visible” results despite using it almost daily. I usually end up layering the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist on my cheeks to ensure that everything is evenly hydrated.

I’ve been trying out a new moisturizer that I got a sample of recently which I will let you guys know when I’ve tested it out thoroughly!

Finishing Sprays:

AM/PM: Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

I add the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist when I feel my skin is SUPER dry, it’s not an everyday product for me as I find that it tends to clog my pores if I use it too much. It’s oil based so I try to avoid using this product in combination with makeup because it tends to break up my foundation faster and causes my mascara to run.



GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment – This is a 1-2 time a week mask that I use religiously. I cannot stress the difference that this had made such a big difference in my skin. It keeps my pores clear, reduces blackheads, and nips any breakouts in the butt before they flare up.

Kheil’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Mask – I’ve been using this mask on and off since high school and nothing controls oil and breakouts like this does. I use this as an alternative to the Supermud 


GLAMGLOW FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment – I use this once every few weeks, it’s not something that’s consistently in my weekly masking routine. I use this mask to even out my skin tone and brighten any discolouration from breakouts.

OLEHENRIKSON Moment of Truth 2-in-1 Polishing Sugar Mask – This is my go-to heavy duty exfoliant. The sugar crystals are the perfect texture for getting rid of any unwanted dead skin. After using this mask my skin is so smooth, soft and radiant.

Sheet Masks:

*Disclaimer* I don’t love sheet masks but when I’m travelling, or on the go and need a mask they are so convenient

Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask – Post plane wonder!! I use this when I get off long haul flights and it immediately revives my skin.

Dr. Jart+ Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Sheet Mask – When I’m staying in big cities for extended periods of time and don’t have my GLAMGLOW Supermud on hand, this is what I use to clear my pores and help prevent breakouts caused by air pollution.

Dr. Jart+ Dermask Micro Jet Clearing Solution – Another mask that I like to use while on the go to prevent breakouts.

Karuna Brightening+ Face Mask – I like to use this sheet mask right before doing my makeup for a special event. It gives an instant glow and evens out my complexion.

Karuna Clarifying+ Face Mask – Another clarifying mask (I really like sheet masks that clarify), this one is my favourite for when I’m in a bind and need a quick clarifying and don’t have the time. This mask makes a difference after 5 minutes, I swear, I try to leave it on for as long as possible but if I’m really short on time and need to get out the door it’s perfect.

Karuna Anti-Oxident+ Face Mask – If my skin is in a mood being really dry and breaking out, I like to use this mask to calm everything down and nourish my skin.

That is all for my skincare! It didn’t build my routine up to what it is now in a day, it’s taken years and years of research, trial and error and accumulation to get it to where it is today.

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xoxo Steph

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