The Hats Every Fashion Girl Owns

Each season brings a new trend and a new fashion, but for the last couple years, there have been a couple standouts that you see on everyone in the fashion industry.

The Beanie:

In the fall and winter, the beanie is the perfect bad hair day solution. It’s cosy, laidback and can give any basic outfit the finishing touch it needs to be put together. Whether worn with jeans and a tee, or a pair of joggers, it’s the finishing touch your outfit needs on a cold day.

The Rancher Hat:

A wide brim felt hat is a MUST if you are looking to give your outfit that last polished element. It’s also been the go-to style wool hat style this year for Instagrammers like @jimsandkitty.

The Paige Boy Cap:

This was the hat of 2017, it was everywhere, and rightfully so. This is probably the easiest hat to wear. From your everyday jeans and a t-shirt to romantic dresses this hat pairs with most anything.

The Boater Hat:

A boater hat has recently come to my attention through the amazingly inspiring Instagram of @jimsandkitty. This style of hat can be worn in either a straw or wool material depending on what temperature and has been proven by @jimsandkitty to go with everything from fur coats to flouncy dresses.

The Panama Hat:

The Panama Hat is a summer staple. Like the boater hat, this hat can be found in both wool or straw depending on preference and season. I find the Panama hat is best worn with summer dresses or denim.

xoxo Steph

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