What To Wear When It’s Freezing

It’s no secret that I am Canadian and in the winter it gets SUPER cold. It’s also no secret that once it drops below 10 degrees I cease functioning and am in a constant state of freezing until the weather warms up again. I struggle with what to wear so that I stay fashionable but really really warm.

However, I have a few items in my closet that help keep me warm all winter.

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The bigger the sweater, the warm it is… in theory. This is true of my MASSIVE Acne sweater and a few of my really chunky cashmere knits. But for me, chunky tends to mean more ways for air to get through.

My advice if you live in sweaters, but they don’t keep you super warm, LAYER. Not kidding, invest in one or two really thin, light long sleeves that you can wear underneath your sweaters. They will insulate you, and act as a little bit of a barrier between you and any air that gets through your chunkier knit.


Blanket Scarves are a godsend. If you haven’t jumped on the train yet and you live in a cold climate… what have you been doing with your life???? They are a scarf AND if you are in lecture/a theatre/on a train/in a car or anywhere that you are sitting down IT’S A BLANKET.

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Heavy winter coats are the only thing that gets me to even consider going outside when the weather drops below zero. A good coat is something that is 100% necessary as the finishing touch to your winter wardrobe.

Hope you enjoyed my tips for what to weather in blustery winter weather!

xoxo, Steph

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