How I Grew Out my Lob

If you’ve been following my Instagram or this blog for a couple of years you’ll have seen my hair go from long and dark to short and very blonde back to long and dark. If you haven’t bleached the life out of your hair like I did the process of growing out a lob is pretty easy. You stop getting frequent cuts and let your hair be. However, if you want to know how I grew out a bleached lob into healthy waist length hair keep on reading.

The First Step Of Growing Out Your Hair No Matter What the Condition…

CUT OUT HEAT. Seriously… want to grow out your hair stop doing the number 1 thing that is causing damage and breakage. If you don’t want to cut out the flat iron, curling iron and daily blow drying then it will take forever to grow out your hair. Even if you did manage to grow it out it wouldn’t be as healthy and you’d lose a ton of length to chopping your dead ends.

If you bleached your hair then you’ve likely already removed a lot of heat from your styling because your hair is probably DEAD AF… especially if you go from almost black hair to close to platinum.

The Second Step Is to Dye Your Hair Back to Your Natural Colour… or as close as can be… or ombre…

Why? You won’t be worried about going to the salon to get root touchups every 3-4 weeks. The chemicals in hair dye still kinda dry out your hair no matter what colour so the more you minimize that the better.

The Third Step Which is Pretty Crucial if You Have Dead Ends…

GET RID OF THEM ALL BEFORE YOU START STEPS 1 AND 2. Seriously… if your hair is in really bad shape you want to get rid of as much unhealthy hair as possible before you start. Cutting off split and damaged ends reduces the risk of breakage.

The Fourth Step to Growing Out Your Hair is A Hair Supplement…

Oh ya, you heard me. Get a good Hair & Nail Supplement or an Omega/Biotin rich supplement to help your hair grow STRONG and QUICKLY! I love the Hum Runway Ready Supplement . People are really sceptical about these types of products but I noticed a difference in the length of my hair within the month.

My hair does grow quite fast naturally but I was determined to grow out the blonde as fast as possible so I would be able to cut it off instead of put dye over the bleach. I did end up putting dye over the bleach but only the bottom 3 inches of my hair which have now since been chopped off!

The Fifth Step is Taking Care of Your Hair Throughout the Growing Out Process…

Everyone’s  hair is different so you will know how much masking you need to do or oils you need to use etc. I actually don’t mask my hair or use oil in it on a regular basis because my natural texture is VERY low maintenance and likes to be left alone. My main focus is keeping my scalp happy with a gentle shampoo that combats dandruff, oily scalp etc. and a really rich conditioner that does the majority of my detangling for me.

When I was blonde I did mask my hair frequently… pretty much every two days to keep it moisturized. The two masks I used are Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 and the Overtone Extreme Silver Deep Treatment. I recommend if you are using either of these masks to use them on dry hair and let them sit for as long as possible (I’m talking a whole Netlifx Binge Session Long).

The Sixth and Final Step is to STOP CUTTING YOUR HAIR…

Seriously… this should be a no-brainer. If you want your hair to grow, stop chopping it off… Really the whole point of steps 1-5 is so your hair is healthy enough that you can go as long as possible between haircuts. When my hair is its natural colour I go a year to 18 months without cutting it. YUP A YEAR TO 18 MONTHS. I’m not making this up. I last got my hair cut when the last of the blonde was chopped and covered with dye in September 2017, so it hasn’t even really been a full year yet but my hair has grown 7ish inches. You’d be surprised how much your hair actually grows if you just let it be.

xoxo Steph


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  1. Anna says:

    totally makes sense….. not sure I could give up the dye – LOL but great tips!

    1. HungryandWellDressed says:

      It’s what made the biggest difference for my hair!

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