My Summer 2018 TV Binge List

Hey Everyone!

The days here are heating up and the nights are getting shorter but that hasn’t stopped me from working my way through a couple episodes of my favourite shows! I do a couple things perennially as I tend to get certain “vibes” from different seasons. They tend to trigger strong memories for me and I associate various songs, books, tv shows, movies, scents, and even clothing items with those feelings. I thought because summer is on its way and I’ve probably mentioned one-hundred times all the feels that watching Gossip Girl in the fall gives me. So I thought I’d share with you all the summer shows that do the same for me!

  1. Pretty Little Liars – It aired in the summer and I eagerly watched it every summer for a few years in Middle and High School. It gives me all the feels and throwback vibes.
  2. Sex and The City – Just yes. It’s an iconic show and who isn’t obsessed with the outfits?
  3. The Royals – I really don’t need to say too too much about The Royals aside from if you haven’t given it a try you need to.
  4. Supergirl – Another show I started watching in the summer which is why it reminds me of summer 🙂
  5. Suits – If all the news about Meghan Markle hasn’t made you want to immediately watch her entire body of work then I’m not sure if I could convince you to watch this show. But I’m partial to it because it’s fabulous and also shot in Toronto!



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  1. Kenze says:

    So guess I’m gonna try and watch The Royals movie….Hope it makes for good viewing

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