Chanel Vanity Case Unboxing

Good Morning Everyone!

I am super excited to bring you my first ever unboxing video! Not only is this my first ever unboxing but it is also an unboxing of my FIRST CHANEL BAG!!! If you guys have been following me for at least a year or two you will now that I have worn a couple different Chanel Bags. Those bags are my mothers and she very kindly lets me borrow them every once in a while.

I have been waiting (im)patiently for this day to arrive as many girls do to own their own luxury handbag. I do own two bags from luxury brands (Burberry and Saint Laurent), but I didn’t buy those with my own money, one is my backpack and the other is an evening bag which I’ve already worn to infinity and beyond (love it to death). It was about time to get an in-between bag, I’m still on the hunt for an everyday bag, that was classy, versatile and could be used whenever I want to look a little more put together.


So after much debate, I settled on a Chanel Vanity Case. 

I was going back and forth between this and a small Lady Dior Bag also in white. It took multiple second opinions but everyone was pretty much in agreement that it should be this bag. Which really is what I was leaning towards as the Lady Dior Bag is in my opinion much more formal. There were a couple colour options available at the Yorkville Chanel Boutique where I was looking for the bag, black, red, and navy blue but I settled on white because I can wear white with EVERYTHING in my wardrobe, unlike black, red or navy where I wouldn’t wear them with certain colours.

If you want to watch my unboxing of my Chanel Vanity Case then watch the video below! If you want to keep reading my initial thoughts on the bag and how I would style it then keep on reading!

After unboxing my bag the first thing I tried was to see how much stuff I can but into this bag. I managed to get my card wallet, phone, chapstick, keys, two lipsticks and some chope paper into it. And I’m pretty sure if I ditched a lipstick I’d be able to fit a vlogging camera into it. It’s really quite a roomy bag as far as slightly impractically shaped bags go!





If you guys would like to see more unboxing or even hauls let me know!

xoxo Steph

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I LOVE this! Looks like a versatile accessory piece too!

    1. HungryandWellDressed says:

      I’ve already worn it 5 times since I got it! It’s SO versatile especially when you consider it’s a white bag!

  2. Emily says:

    This is stunning! Good pick girl

    1. HungryandWellDressed says:

      Thanks love <3

  3. Anne Jones says:

    OMG, SHE IS GORGEOUS!!! I’ve literally been DYING for a Chanel bag (I’m 21 and in college, so it’s totally not the right time for me to be carrying one around to parties), and you picked a beautiful one! ENJOY YOUR BABY xx

    1. HungryandWellDressed says:

      OMG I know that feeling I got a YSL Kate Bag when I was in 3rd year and I didn’t even bother bringing it to school lol! But a couple of my sorority sisters did carry their luxury bags out to the bar and I was like WHYYYYY?!?!

  4. It’s so beautiful!! Sounds like it actually fits quite a bit into it x

    1. HungryandWellDressed says:

      It really does! It’s surprisingly practical for a bag that could be an evening bag!

  5. Courtney says:

    That vanity case is unbelievably gorgeous!

    1. HungryandWellDressed says:

      Thank you!

  6. Jordan says:

    I would do an unboxing video for that bag too. Amazing!

  7. What a completely gorgeous and drool-worthy bag! Definitely a worthy splurge.

  8. Teresa Brock says:

    This bag is gorgeous!! I will never forget my first Chanel purchase! I felt so fancy. xo

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