My Favourite Swimwear Companies: Summer 2018

IT’S ALMOST SUMMERRRR!!!!! As I’m am writing this it is 16 degrees and I’m in a sweater BUT that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about my fav swimwear brands!


  1. Anna Swimwear – I pretty much live in the red set that I got from here! They are really well-made suits, high-quality fabrics and super flattering cuts!
  2. Hoaka – This Canadian brand makes the best sexy, but practical suits! They are perfect for the days you are going to be doing a lot of water sports or activities but desperately want to preserve your tan lines.
  3. Triangl – I’ve been wearing this brand since high school and it has never let me down! Flattering and high-quality neoprene!
  4. Free People- If you are like me and keep a rotation of basic bikinis around for tanning Free People makes some really lovely ones. They are well priced and have a lot of colours! Unlike the Forever21 and H&M Equivalents, they don’t fall apart or stretch out after one season.
  5. Stone Fox Swim – Even after all the hype around that Alexis Ren insta post has died down I still love their swimsuits! Every season I fall in love with their prints and cuts! They are my favourite brand for a cheeky cut and have amazingly flattering tops!

xoxo Steph


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  1. Mars says:

    Haven’t heard of some of these, thanks for sharing! Stone Fox looks cute!

    1. HungryandWellDressed says:

      I love their stuff! Really well made as well, so you don’t feel guilty about the splurge, they last forever!

  2. Sara Miller says:

    Would love to see photos and links of swimsuits you own or like from these guys! 🙂 I’ll have to take a peek at some of these websites though! Thanks for sharing!

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