The Best Way to Stretch Out Raw Denim


We all have that pair of non-stretch denim that we dread stretching out… In my exploration of mom jeans and boyfriend fit I’ve come across a couple pairs that ARE NOT soft and stretchy like my skinny jeans. On the contrary, they are awful…. at least for the first couple wears and then they are the best fitting jeans that I own.

I do have one pair of jeans that about a year later have FINALLY started to give way and then I washed them…. So I have to start the process of stretching them out all over again 🙁

SOOOO because I have to stretch out these jeans all over again I decided to take you guys along through the process with me!

Step 1:

Get your jeans on. With raw or non-stretch denim this can be such a struggle but at least get them on up around your hips even if you can’t do them up/it’s such a struggle.

Step 2:

Try to get your jeans done up… ya I know, but the denim will never stretch out around your hips if you don’t STRETCH IT… lolololol.

Step 3:

Go for a walk in your jeans. Walking around really does wonders for the process, you don’t have to walk super fast or anything, just let the movement of your body do its thing.

Step 4:

Resist the temptation to wash your jeans until they are fully stretched out

Step 5:

Wear your jeans as much as possible… I personally wear them when I’m going to go to the mall or run errands so that I won’t be sitting for too too long and risk cutting off all circulation from my knees down.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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xoxo Steph

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