The Toronto Dress Code

Have you ever considered the style or the fashion of the place you live? I think about the Toronto Dress Code almost everytime I’m getting dressed to head into the city. To be completely honest with you, I do for the most part subscribe to this dress code. It’s practical, comfortable and makes you look slightly put together even those you are throwing on basics.

The Toronto Dress Code:

Denim or Lululemon leggings + Slightly oversized Tee in Black, White or Grey + A Leather Jacket if Chilly + White Tennis Shoes (Adidas, Converse, Vans etc.)


I’m sure there are similar “dress codes” in other cities but I’ve found that there are none quite so rigid as Toronto. There have been occasions, the most recent being The Nadege Creme Glacee Soire when I wore a two-piece For Love and Lemons Set (Top + Bottom), when I’ve dressed a little differently or even dressed up more than normal.  I got so many looks from people on the street, and not the good kind. Potentially caught up in my own perceptions of what people were thinking, I was majorly self- conscious. It was like people were giving me seriously WTF looks. It’s clearly not an everyday outfit that someone would casually wear in Toronto, but I honestly feel like when I wear similar stuff in NYC, London or even Singapore no one really notices. There also tends to be a number of other women dressed up.

Feeling uncomfortable dressed in a certain way at home could just be me, but it could also be the copious amounts of odd looks that I get ahaha.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little opinion piece!

xoxo Steph


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