Wedding Season

It’s wedding season! We all know that time of year where it seems like EVERYONE is getting married! I attended the wedding of my older cousin last weekend. It was everything, to say the least. She kinda nailed it.


Marriage has become something of a mystery. There are plenty of people who don’t believe in the institution of marriage or people who are so cavalier about the whole thing that they get into it without really taking into consideration what it means to live your life with the same person. Maybe they do think about it but there just seems to be people getting divorced left right and centre.


My dad told me an interesting stat while we were on our way to the wedding. He said that the CBC said that only 6.5% of marriages in Canada make it to 25 years. That number to me seems shockingly low. Even more than shockingly, it’s sadly low. Now, this is not to disparage the happy couple because they are truly going to make it FOREVER. They are really and truly perfectly matched.


I’m always curious about what people think about when they consider what makes a marriage last. Usually, people forego the mention of love and their first thoughts are compatibility and friendship. Love can be such a transient notion, ever changing and evolving. But what seems to make a marriage work is common interests. It seems that people require things to do together that they can talk about… who knew? LOL.


I myself am no relationship expert but after watching how insanely happy my cousin was this weekend and knowing without a doubt that she has found the person who she is going to spend her life with. It’s gotten me to think about what I think about marriage, am I ready? etc. While I can’t answer any of those questions right now I can give you a sampling of what has been going through my mind.


LOOK AT MY COUSIN! She’s so stunning!

My thoughts on marriage:

Marriage in my mind has been about two things. The first is the excitement of the wedding and the second constantly having someone there.

I always fear that for me the notion of the wedding itself, the main event if you will, would create this fairytale in my mind. The glamour of the day would overshadow and set an expectation for everyday life. I very much have my head in the clouds a lot (which is why I create content for a living) so I always worry that my fantasy of something will overshadow the reality. Because of this, I know I need a partner in life to keep me grounded in reality. Someone who will let me dream but help me stay rooted in reality.

When I do get married, I’m in it for the long-haul.

Waiting doesn’t hurt. There’s a lot of pressure on women about when they are going to get married, have kids etc. I want to find the right person and that takes time. There will be no 72-day marriages here.


xoxo Steph


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