How to Pick The Perfect Pair of Denim Shorts

With the end of summer starting, now is the perfect time to start investing in a pair of shorts. Not only have all the summer collections now been released, but they have also (in some cases) just started going on sale meaning you can get the same shorts you would have gotten at the beginning of the summer for less expensive AND still get to wear them. Win, win.

Before you begin your search for denim shorts read my post here –> On Why You Should Invest In Your Denim. The same goes for your denim shorts.

Once you’ve read that, here are a few things to consider when browsing for some shorts: Do you want a vintage pair or not? Luxury Denim or High Street? Light, Medium or Dark wash? White or Black? Coloured? Distressed or not?

After you’ve figured that out, comes the fun part! Finding your perfect pair!

When I’m picking out shorts to try on I usually grab a few different sizes across a few different washes because they sometimes fit REALLY differently. Unlike jeans, I find that shorts really need to be tried on because the different rises, inseams and fits really vary.

When trying on your shorts you really want to consider how tight you want the shorts to be around your thighs, and how much coverage you want (inseam length).

Depending on the look you want, here is a rough idea of what you want to be going for:

Boyfriend: You want to make sure that your waist is fitted, with an even horizontal hem across the bottom. The shorts should be tight across your hips and waist and gradually become less fitted around the thigh.

Diaper: You’ll be looking for a perfect fit on the waistband of the jeans and then very baggy elsewhere. The hem of your shorts should be diagonal being longer at the inseam and shorter on the outer seam.

Fitted: You’re looking for an overall snug fit. There should be no bagginess around the thighs but still be comfortable.

Mom Shorts: Keeping in line with the fitted style, you are looking for an overall snug fit with the variation on how much room you want in the thigh (this can vary slightly depending on the look you are going for)

Jorts: In the trendy, Yeezy filled world we live in, these ideally should fit you exactly like if you were to take your favourite pair of skinny jeans and chop them off at the knee.

The “Cool Girl” Short: These shorts will fit in a similar way to boyfriend fit with the addition of high-low hems, potential distressing, paper bag waists and/or major holes

Pin-up Girl: If you are looking for pin-up esque shorts, then you are going to want to be searching for the highest rise possible (super high waisted), very fitted with a short inseam and a folded hem.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more style posts!

xoxo Steph

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