How I Take and Edit Instagram Pictures

Hey Everyone!

There is a struggle that most Instagrammers and Bloggers have starting off and that is that they need pictures and/or video content but don’t always have the budget to spend money on a photographer. If you are in that boat (like me) here are some of my tips and tricks!

  1. Your friends, family, and significant other are the best go-to’s. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help, in my experience, they are way more supportive than you think they are going to be.
  2. TRIPOD! Tripod + Self Timer/Remote = BAE.
  3. In a pinch, your phone and a popsocket propped up against something at the right height is GENIUS
  4. If you are a creative having an account with The Hub is probably the best and safest way to connect with a photographer and videographer.

The whole settings/lenses vary depending on who is taking the pictures so I couldn’t tell you but Raden is starting an Instagram for his photography HERE and Erin’s Instagram is HERE. 

When it comes to editing, I have two distinct looks that I’m currently editing under: Hungry and Well Dressed Brand, and Steph Mumford. What this means is that all my “@hungryandwell[insert niche here]” are all edited the same way, with the same cohesive aesthetic and my @steph_mumford page is edited in a different style.


How I Edit Hungry and Well Dressed Brand Content:

I use a VERY warm lightroom preset – it’s Bali 5 from the Do You Travel Bali Pack. I really like this preset because it gives me a similar look to all the travel instagrammers that I LOVE while looking slightly different because of my skintone and the lighting I shoot in.

In using any sort of preset, you are always going to want to adjust your exposure, skin tone etc. because each photo is different.

It is really important to remember that even though you are applying the same presets, they are going to look slightly different on your photos unless you use the exact camera and settings that the preset creator used to take the photo.


How I Edit Steph Mumford Content:

I have chosen to make my @steph_mumford content really cool toned with lots of blues, pops of orangey reds and desaturated greens. The preset that I use to achieve this is the tezzamb preset in Tezza 02.

Picture to picture, I do adjust my skintone slightly and I also bring the yellow and green saturations WAYYYY down but beyond that it’s usually ready to go with a couple clicks.

What I do across both accounts is I always INCREASE exposure during the warmer months and DECREASE exposure during the cold months. It ensures that my summer content not only is bright and summery through my clothing but the tones of the picture are more airy. This creates contrast with my under exposed winter photos, that are a little moodier.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you would like more editing guides I can bug my other lightroom using friends to write some guest posts on how they edit!

xoxo Steph

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