Blogmas Day 18: High Tea with Jo Malone at Colette Grand Cafe

With my friends and I, we don’t usually go out. Our Friday nights are spent chatting or catching up on sleep, to ensure that we make it to brunch Saturday morning. This fall, we’ve added High Tea to our weekend eating adventures to balance out brunching our way through Toronto. Our first high tea was a Colette Grand Cafe (the new Yorkdale location) with Jo Malone.

This is a pretty standard high-tea, but you get the added bonus of a little treat from Jo Malone at the end of the meal!

High Tea with Jo Malone

The food was honestly just ok, and there was quiet a bit of difficulty explaining to our waiter our dietary restrictions. They repeatedly mixed up what was dairy free and what had dairy in it, in addition to getting the kitchen to make things without mayo despite us stressing that mayo was fine.

Overall, we were a little disappointed with the quality of the food after being so accustomed to the high standard of the previous Wellington location. While it’s an experience and makes for a fun afternoon out with friends, I sadly would not recommend this to anyone looking for good value OR an exquisite meal. It is also near impossible to work around dietary restrictions when the server refuses to listen to the guests and is determined to do things their way. Sadly, we will not be going back in the near future and just like with Celine we miss the old Colette.

Stayed tuned for the LAST WEEK of Blogmas!

xoxo Steph

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