Blogmas Day 24: The Best Gifts To Buy Your Dad

It’s Christmas Eve! If you are like me, you’ve likely had the idea for your dads gift for close to a month and bought it as soon as possible (we got him a golf simulator membership cause #golfislyfe). But I know not everyones dad is golf obsessed, making them not so easy to shop for. If they are golf obsessed a new distance laser, one of the watches that shows how far from the pin you are or a round of golf at his dream club in your area may possibly suffice. Just incase, here are my top 10 last minute gifts for dad that AREN’T just socks and a t-shirt.

  1. Chapstick… IDK why, but I find that it’s a necessity that Dad’s (especially mine) FORGET ABOUT, then always ask for after the fact. Keep your dad stocked in his favourites throughout the holiday season. My personal favourite is Jack Black, it’s Papa Mumf approved and Raden approved. You can pick up THIS trio at Nordstroms and Sephora… I may or may not have picked up two of these for myself during the Sephora VIB Rouge Sale to ensure I have backups and one in every bag. c2cd3c59-d40b-4c1a-8b51-e0741b0f8955
  2. A little bit of bling. My dad isn’t a huge jewellery person, but there are definitely dads out there who appreciate a good piece of jewellery. I would always keep it simple unless you are entirely dialled into what they like. THIS simple bracelet from David Yurman is lovely and simple. c14db908-e6b5-4ded-bffc-f51ab0140a20
  3. A Nice Sweater. This does fall under the “basic” Christmas gift but it’s something that your dad might not buy for themselves. The one pictured below is a BOSS one on Sale!! 7f5cbe50-998d-4990-92d4-ef62bb55e6cb.jpg
  4. A New Wallet or Card Case. Your Dad probably uses his wallet every single day, and there is nothing like a little refresh or update in that department to brighten up his year. Also every time he takes out his wallet he’ll remember that you gave it to him. Pictured below is a Saint Laurent card case that you can shop online HERE. 8aca78bd-5ea2-4b21-97c3-945dd51d00cd
  5. A Basic Long Sleeve, like THIS All Saints One. Especially throughout the chilly season, there is never too many long sleeves. 7d535939-62bb-4543-9092-b339b4e4a261.jpg
  6. A Puffer Vest, if your dad already has one then you are one step ahead of the game, but if your dad doesn’t this is a great piece to add to his wardrobe. Whether he is going to wear it while hitting the slopes or to a hockey game it’s a good wardrobe staple. This one can be found on Nordstroms HERE9ce6b7ef-da44-453d-a08b-fefaf01d9104.jpg
  7. A Denim Jacket. THIS one is from the Justin Timberlake x Levis collab. 77cd4d57-3a22-437c-aef1-08799e8d29b7.jpg
  8. A Pair of Headphones. They could be for at the gym or just to drone you and your siblings out while you fight over the Nintendo Switch. This pair is from Bose! bba142ac-8a23-4ef5-8054-0bde8a5b0a5a.jpg
  9. A travel case for all of your dad’s toiletries when they travel. Don’t let your dad be the guy who packs his toiletries in a Ziplock. You can shop this one HERE. 85965e7e-85c1-44e5-9ab1-db97e17118bb.jpg
  10. Some high tech self-care. We all know that our dads are seriously about gadgets….  I mean all guys are really into their gadgets but dad’s seem to be extra into it. If only you guys could see my dad’s photography equipment… They for some reason, tend to skip over the beauty department in their gadget hunt which is why getting your dad the newest tech from companies like Foreo or Clarisonic is a good idea. You can get the set pictured below HERE at Nordstroms. dd10f4f7-05dd-4216-ac9e-a0dcc416a1fb.jpg

I hope you guys enjoyed this blogmas post! Stay tuned for ONE MORE DAY!!

xoxo Steph

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