Blogmas Day 3: How to Keep Your Skin Glowing This Holiday Season

The temperature has dropped and with all the time spent outdoors at holiday markets your skin has probably been a little bit more dry than usual! I’ve broken down some of my favourite treatments and products for you guys to keep your skin in tip top condition this season!


The Carbon Facial at Ultra Cosmetic Clinic

The Carbon Facial uses a laser to push carbon into the skin to promote collagen growth and skin cell repair. For those who are wary of a laser facial, the treatment doesn’t hurt at all! At first it feels like a light pinch or flicking and then you get used to it and it’s totally fine. You do hear a zapping noise and smell some burning but that’s not your skin and the zapping is just the laser. After the treatment my skin was super glowy, the next few days I noticed the majority of my breakouts had cleared up. Within the week some of the pigmentation had lifted from my acne scarring, this is one of those treatments that the more you do it the more you will notice the results!

The facial has no down time so it’s perfect for those who want to give a quick boost to their skin texture right before a holiday party or event!

The Vitamin Infused Environ Facial at Skin Health Clinic

The Vitamin Infused Environ Facial uses low level electrical pulses to push vitamins deeper into your skin. Think of it as a the ultimate 30 day skin regiment combined into one day. You see instant results, because it pushes the same amount of vitamins and nutrients into your skin as a full month of daily serum use. The process is super relaxing, as your whole face gets covered in a mask (it feels like the Dr.Jart Rubber Masks) and then electrodes are attached to you, turned on and then you pretty much nap while the vitamins sink in! The only thing about this treatment is that your eyes and mouth do get covered, if you are claustrophobic or hate that type of thing you 100% can keep your eyes open and your mouth uncovered.

This facial also doesn’t have any downtime and also so dramatically improves the appearance of your skin that you will not want to wear makeup for the next few days! IF you do wear makeup you will notice an immediate difference in how your makeup applies. My makeup has never looked so flawless, and I didn’t need to use as much product!

Also, you guys can get 20% off your first in-clinic treatment if you mention my name!


Estee Lauder Idealist Serum

This is a pore and oil controlling serum, that applies amazingly under makeup! It refines the look of your skin and blurs out imperfections leaving you with the perfect base for makeup!

Ole Henrikson Truth Serum

This vitamin c and collagen serum brightens the skin while providing powerful anti-aging benefits (think super bright and clear skin with no fine lines)! Especially in the winter, adding more brightening agents into your skincare will help boost your inner glow!


By Terry CC Serum

Layer this under your foundation or wear it alone for the most beautiful radiant skin!

I hope you guys enjoyed my tips for glowing skin this holiday season! Stay tuned for more blogmas posts!

xoxo Steph

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