Blogmas Day 4: The Best Pants for The Cold

I cannot repeat enough how cold I get all the time… just always cold. It’s really annoying, but there are ways to keep warm even if you are like me! If you haven’t read my post on how to layer to keep warm, go check it out HERE. However, there are somethings you can do especially in your choice of pants to keep you warm!


Leather pants are probably the warmest pants that you could own. They block the wind and are usually lined so its extra layers to stand between you and the cold.

This extends to vegan leather as well. There is something about the texture that is super super warm!

Merino Wool

If you have to wear tights, wear merino wool tights. They are super super super warm and cozy. Merino is a really good insulating fabric so it will keep your legs toasty!


Corduroy is having a comeback and it’s perfectly timed because it’s a super thick and soft fabric! It’s great for blocking the wind!

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s short blogmas! Stay tuned for more posts everyday!

xoxo Steph

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