Spring 2019 Trends I’m Getting Behind

Spring is one week away and it’s time to switch your wardrobe over, hide your parkas and push the snow boots as far back into your closet as they can possibly go and (if you are Canadian you go straight for the summer wear cause we are hardcore like that) get your warm weather gear out. There have been a lot of seemingly recycled trends – Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking – there have been some traditionally fall trends coming through – leather and plaid, hello? – and there are some genuinely new and fun takes on the Spring wardrobe. I’ve boiled down all the trends hitting the shelves this week to the ones that I’m getting behind for Spring 2019.


oooommmpppphhhhhhhh I loves a good pastel. This season I’m flooding my wardrobe with diffused blues, lilacs, blush pinks and frozen yellows. I’m especially looking at matched sets, to create monochromatic looks in these muted shades.

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Blue and White Patterns

Looking like a ginger jar in is IN and I’m here for it. Blue and White “China” patterns are popping up all over the place, from Lorna Luxe’s In The Style Collab to Zimmerman.

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Midi Skirts

I’ve never been a huge midi skirt fan until this year… there is just something about the way that they are being styled or my taste changing but I’m into them!

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xoxo Steph

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