What You Need To Invest In For 2019 (Fashion Wise)

It’s the beginning of March! With Paris Fashion Week for F/W 2019 ended and S/S 2019 hitting the shelves, we’ve all got a clear idea of what trends, colours, fabrics and silhouettes we need to be on the hunt for.


The S/S 2019 and the F/W 2019 collections are the last two collections designed by Karl Lagerfeld with the later being post-humously shown at Paris Fashion Week on March 5th. If you can afford to pick up a piece or have the ability to save for one, this is the year. Final collections by designers are not only prolific in that they are remembered for being just that, but they are sentimental. The marking of the end of an era.

Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens have made a comeback in a big way and once broken in are some pretty comfy shoes. The chunky sole and treads make them a perfect pair of all season shoes if you live in a city that is diligent about plowing the snow (they don’t replace actual winter boots when it comes to dealing with the elements)


Levis are classic. Even if you are a die-hard fan of another brand 2019 is the year to pick up a pair of Levis for yourself. Just like the Docs, Levis are here (they’ve always been here but with the high-key grunge revival happening in street style this iconic brand is going to be an even bigger staple) to stay for the foreseeable future.


Leather pants are legitimately everywhere. Even in the Spring collections brands like Vince are dropping leather like it’s hot. No matter what your style is there is always a shape or cut you can find something to match your style.


Tailored pants have transcended the realm of strictly office wear and can be seen being paired with everything from a chic oxford to a comfy tennis shoe. If you are still buying H&M trousers and replacing them every year, it’s time to stop wasting your money and buy one pair of well made high quality trousers that are going to last you for the next 5 to 10 years.

xoxo Steph

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