The Importance of a Signature Look

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It’s getting to that time of year where absolutely everything seems to be coming at us at warp speed. In the interest of getting out the door quickly or giving yourself 10 more minutes of sleep before your morning zoom calls, I wanted to talk to you guys about the importance of a signature look. That one makeup, hair and outfit that you go to when you need to look your best but don’t have a lot of time to pick out a new outfit or experiment.


I’m going to start with makeup because it’s what takes me the most time and is where I personally end up struggling trying to make a creative but business professional look (RIP). So I have two looks that I know will for sure work that I will go to depending on my mood and what I’ll be doing that day.

The Bold Lip

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I love a bold lip when I need a day-to-night look. It’s super fast because I keep every other aspect of the look really really minimal, with just base, bronzer or blush, brows and lots of mascara. It’s one of those looks that I’ll put on everything except the lip, chuck on a lip mask or my favourite chapstick and on the train or right before leaving put on a red lipstick.

My favourite red lipsticks:


Soft Fox Eye

This is my everyday look, it is surprisingly slightly longer than the bold lip look due to the eyeliner step. But I do find it a little bit more comfortable and a lot more comfortable to wear around on meetings outside of the city or running errands etc. I start with a tinted sunscreen and then add a bit of cream blush, bronzer and highlight (all from Nudestix), fill in my brows as normal and then I’ll define my crease and wing it out a little, then add a winged liner that I’ll smoke out slightly as I set it with a little eyeshadow. The look is finished with my perfect my lips but better colour (Nudestix Belle)


Hair is a little tricky, because washing, blowdry etc etc etc. It can take a minute (read ~ hour ~) if it’s a wash day. So my solution is one look and one look only that will work on the fly without washing my hair. This is a low ponytail. It’s so easy and I always like to throw on a bow with it for work to make it a bit more preppy.

The Outfit

A signature look can extend beyond hair and makeup and be a whole style/aesthetic or just one go to look that you can grab and go. I have two different go-to looks, one for casual days and one for more formal events.


For casual days, I’ll throw on my favourite pair of jeans du jour and pair it with a tank, tee or sweater depending on the weather. For shoes I’ll end up with something comfortable but seasonal.


On more formal days, those with meetings, showings etc. I’ll always wear one of three dresses, that I’ll layer up with blazers, turtlenecks or cardigans in the winter or wear alone in the summer with a simple pair of heels.

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