2019 Favourites

It’s the end of the year and the end of the decade, this year feels like it just started and I was preparing for my birthday trip to New York. I always like to round up my favourites throughout the year.



I have been living in my two pairs of Citizens of Humanity Jeans this year, they’ve been staples that season in and season out I’ve been wearing. Both of my Citizen skinny jeans are at least two years old now and they look and feel brand new! They are very much worth the investment and will hold their shape far far far better than any other denim brand.

I’ve been living in my Uniqlo basics all year long, whether it’s heat tech in the winter months or basic tees throughout the summer! They’ve been my go-to for everything basic!


This summer I tragically had to say farewell to my beloved converse Chuck 2’s and discovered that they had been discontinued! I did wear those suckers until they reached the point of no return and not even a good bleaching and wash would work.

I’ve been working on breaking in my Dr. Martens throughout the year (as you will know if you follow me on YouTube) and I’ve really loved wearing them! I find that they add to all of my outfits, especially when I want to pair them with dresses I’ve been obsessed!

Another style of shoe beyond my combat boots that I have been living in is my two different Chelsea boots. I’ve been wearing either my pair of the Melissa Chelsea boots from Frye or my pair of Blundstones. Especially throughout the winter when I need to wear shoes that slip on and off with a degree of ease I’ve been reaching for the Chelsea boots!


My favourite accessory of the year has been the padded headband! I’ve been wearing my so much since purchasing it. It’s the easiest accessory just to throw on and always leaves me feeling and looking put together.

I’ve been wearing the same two bags all year and throughout the year before. I have my Burberry Small Nylon Backpack that is my everyday bag and my Saint Laurent Kate bag that I use when I’m going out.


I wear the same jewellery with slight variations most everyday, I tend to not buy myself jewellery so most of my pieces have been given to me on an occasion such as a birthday or a milestone. This year I was given two incredible Cartier additions that I cannot stop wearing which are definitely my most favourite new pieces. However, my all time favourite has to be the Thomas Sabo bracelet that I was given for my first anniversary. I don’t ever take it off!



This summer I went to the Ariana Grande concert and in the fall I went to the Jonas Brothers concert (major throwback vibes) and re-fallen in love with the experience.


My diffuser has been a life changing aquisition this year! I like to diffuse a little bit of lavender or eucalyptus throughout my room right before I sleep and it’s helped to much.


I’ve been using the Tatcha rice cleanser for a few years now and have recently expanded into some of the other products. Most notably I’ve been using the Silk Canvas Protective Primer, the Water Cream and the Deep Cleanse Exfoliating cleanser. They have been working miracles on my skin and I personally feel like it’s never looked better.

In terms of makeup, at the beginning of the year I was wearing a lot of Charlotte Tilbury’s Stars in Your Eyes Palette (I’ll link this seasons drop below) and then throughout the summer I shifted into barely touching any makeup at all instead opting for a tinted sunscreen, brow gel and mascara. This fall, I’ve been reaching for more eyeshadows and colour again as the temperatures drop allowing me to wear more makeup without fear that the humidity is going to make everything slide around.

xoxo S

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