Aritzia Boxing Week Sale Picks

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Last night, Aritzia launched their boxing week sale and like with every Aritzia sale I am here with my picks!

The Superpuff

Coveted by celebrities, influencers and Canadian girls alike, this jacket rarely goes on sale. It went on sale for Black Friday Clientele and it’s now on sale again! It’s a fairly affordable winter jacket, especially compared to Canada Goose and co. as well as being fairly high quality from the reviews I’ve seen. If you are still in the market for a winter jacket, or are looking for more colour options than the traditional brands carry, this is the jacket for you.

The Melina Pant

The pants taking over TikTok and Instagram… with good reason might I add (they are good pants). I really love these pants, not only because I’ve been searching for a pair of flattering, high quality and affordable vegan/faux leather for ever but genuinely in the fall/winter I really love wearing them in place of my usual denim.

The Sicily Cardigan & Sweater

This set (sold separately 🙁 ) is adorable and I really love how together they are a super trendy but separately they can also function as wardrobe staples.

The Montpellier Sweater

This is one of my favourite sweaters of all time. It’s so comfortable and flattering. One of those pieces that I throw on with anything in the winter… especially closer to the end of the season when I am absolutely done with winter fashion and can’t be bothered to figure out cute outfits anymore.

The Guell Sweater

This sweater is super popular and they’ve finally restocked it! I love how chunky this sweater looks and the lovely neutral shades it comes in!

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