Aritzia Clientele Picks: Black Friday 2020

Hello Everyone,

This afternoon I got the very exciting call that clientele is starting at the end of this week and I’ve been WAITING to put this post up forever. I have so many picks for you guys, I can’t wait. I myself am going on the conservative side this year as we are sadly heading into more restrictions and with my ability to work from home I just don’t need as many pairs of pants as I would realistically like to buy. I digress. If you are looking to shop the sale, here are some of my picks!

The Melina Pant

The pants of the season!!! Seriously, what better time to get your hands on these pants than during a sale??? Everyone is talking about them/wearing them. They are viral on TikTok and seriously… they are so worth it. They are in Aritzia’s vegan leather formulation, which is my far my favourite of all the vegan leathers available on the market. It’s so soft, buttery and comfortable.

The Rebel Pant

Another pair of super popular internet pants and another pair of pants that I am truly obsessed with this season. They are so flatter and are really really comfortable for a pair of vegan leather trousers. Like with the Melina pants, they are Aritzia’s vegan leather.

The Super Puff

I was told that they are going to be having a 10% off special(?) unsure totally if it’ll just be the 10% or if it’ll be combined with another discount. Discount size regardless, if you have been looking to pick up a superpuff then what better time to pick it up than when it is discounted?

The CozyAF Sweater Range

I love my CozyAF hoodie. It’s so soft and snuggly. There are so many different colours, and styles to choose from!

The Weekender Pant

I want these pants for golfing tbh. They look like the perfect material and style. They would be great pants to throw on for errands, or wear on a casual Friday/work from home day.

The Pelli Jacket

This has been on my wishlist forever. Leather jackets/overshirts have become a huge trend this year, especially with the monochromatic leather on leather situation that’s been crazy popular. This jacket pairs so nicely with the Melina Pants and would make an amazing layering piece.

The Princeville Coat

I love this boxy wool coat. I really would love to purchase it, but I have enough coats to match my current needs sadly. It’s boxy but tailored, and looks so cute over dresses!

The Ganna Jacket

My FAVOURITE JACKET. This wool shacket is the best casual jacket to though on over everything to complete your weekend outfit. I throw this on in the dead of winter under my puffer jacket for max coziness.

The Cove Dress

This dress is gorgeous. It would be perfect for work from home because of the collar detailing. It’s all the comfort of a stretch dress, with the put together nature of a collared shirt.

The Ganna Jacket

The Agency Blazer

This blazer… wow. If I needed more blazers I would be getting this one. It’s perfection. Classic but updated to fit a more modern standard.

The Stedman Coat

This is such nice overcoat. There are so many colours and it is a classic piece. I’m usually a bit on the fence when it comes to Aritzia wool coats. They aren’t my first choice (first choice leaning more towards Burberry or MaxMara for the impeccable quality) but situations where I don’t want to wear a luxury brand out (casual dinners, birthday parties etc.) I like Aritzia. Though I do have to be careful where I leave it as it’s likely most of the other girls will have an Aritzia jacket.

Anything AGOLDE or Levis

I always say this, but just to reiterate, these sales are the best time to pick up denim from either of these brands as you can find the pieces you’ve been wanting anywhere from 20-50% off. It’s a really good deal for AGOLDE as it’s so hard to find sales on in-season items.

xoxo S

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