How to Dress for Every Holiday Party

It’s Holiday Party Season! Which means there are a lot of different themes/events you’ll be needing to dress up for! Because of the multitude of different holiday parties, I’m bringing you the Hungry and Well Dressed approved Holiday Dress Code Guide 2018 (with shoppable links for your convenience).

The Holiday Gala/Ball: 

While this may not be the situation for everyone, some people are fortunate enough to get to dress up like a princess multiple times a year and not just for Prom and their Weddings. If you are one of those fortunate few, then here are the dresses for you.

Usually these types of functions have some sort of theme or dress code that you need to adhere to. So if the event is white themed, you should probably wear white etc. Same goes for white tie vs. black tie vs. cocktail. For those who aren’t familiar, white tie and black tie for women are for the most part indistinguishable as we just wear beautiful long dresses. Usually for white tie think about the traditional ball gown and for black tie think fancy long dress… aren’t my descriptions amazing? However, for men white tie usually is a tux, with a white bow tie, and usually if not always tails. Black tie, is a tux with a black tie, bow tie etc. or a really really nice suit, no tails required. Cocktail Attire, everyone is familiar with the LBD or the fun short sequinned dress, THIS is what you’d wear to a cocktail party.

White Tie:

Black Tie:

The Holiday Cocktail Party:

As I already mentioned above to the holiday cocktail party you can really do no wrong with wearing a LBD. However, if that’s a bit “everyday” cocktail party, you can switch it up with a sequinned dress or a bright red or green dress if that’s more your vibe for the holidays.

The LBD:

Sparkles Galore:

Festive Colours:

The Office Cocktail Party: 

While your going out style may already be office friendly, we definitely want to point out that at the office cocktail party while it may be a more casual setting, it is highly highly highly recommended to dress on the more conservative side as you still want to come across professional to your superiors.

Office Cocktail Party Chic:

Holiday Drinks With Co-Workers: 

On the topic of office events around the holidays, usually when one is going out for drinks with the co-workers  a jacket and jeans is usually the standard. It’s pretty basic but you are still with the people you work with, so you don’t want to get too crazy but still want to be casual and comfortable.

Appropriate but Chic:

The Holiday Get Together

If you are like me, even when you are heading out for a holiday party with your friends, I still end up texting everyone about what they are wearing, what I should wear etc. There is a range within the Holiday Get Togethers because everyone has that friend who wants a super classy formal get together, and then we all have the friend who wants an ugly christmas sweater party.

Ugly Holiday Sweaters that are still CUTE:

Cute but Casual:

Festive but not In Your Face:

That One Extra Friends Party:

I hope you guys enjoyed my holiday gift guide!

xoxo Steph

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