How to Get Out of a Wardrobe Rut

I have been in the worst wardrobe rut recently, between feeling massively uninspired with my wardrobe and feeling very over the winter weather I just can’t seem to put together an outfit that I feel put together in and is warm enough for the weather. So… how you may ask am I getting myself out of this wardrobe rut.

Well to be complete honest with you, I’m starting by doing my laundry. Yes yes laundry… wow novel idea. But here me out. In doing laundry, you take stock of what you have and it might help you see what you are feeling like you are missing in your wardrobe. Sometimes while putting away my clothes, I’ll start to get re-inspired but what I have and my rut ends. However, sometimes it doesn’t (like this current rut) so it’s time to turn to other methods. I’m going to take you guys through my step – by – step approach to getting out of a rut.

Step 1: Do Your Laundry and Clean Your Room

Honestly, you might just be feeling a little overwhelmed with the clutter and need to freshen everything up.

Step 2: Go through Pinterest and find 10-15 outfit images that you like and are inspired by

Step 3: Go into your closet and pull out some similar items to those in the pictures. See what you have that can work to recreate these looks and what you might need to acquire in order to recreate the looks.

Step 4: Pick 1 or 2 pieces out of your acquisition list and go for it!

Step 5: Style Away!

Usually these steps do the trick for me, however, if they don’t work then it’s about evaluating if your core style is changing or if something else is causing you to feel unhappy with your wardrobe. That unfortunately I find really difficult to break and the best thing to do is take some self-care time!

I hope these tricks helped you!

xoxo S

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