Malin + Goetz Deodorant Review

Hello Everyone!

In my quest to clean up my beauty/skincare collection and make the move to more natural/clean products, I have ditched regular drugstore deodorant for Aluminum and Paraben free options. I did make an order with Native Deodorant prior to ordering this deodorant but this one arrived first so we are reviewing it first.

For consistency and thoroughness, I am reviewing the deodorants under 3 circumstances: 1) Golfing, while golf is overall a low impact sport, you are not spared from intense sweating if you are playing in 35 degree weather with a crazy high humidex and tend to jog between shots to keep pace of play on occasion aka. me 2) a causal day at home, I find that even throughout the day there can be some development of a smell situation as one goes about their everyday life 3) a day out, either to lunch or errands, whatever the outness actually is it’s quite a bit more active and less sedentary than a regular ole day at home.

Overall thoughts:

Texture: it’s a bit sticky, not horribly so, but if you are very texture sensitive this might not be it for you.

Smell: It’s very strong at first and then as I wore it throughout the day I didn’t find it lingered

Efficacy: this baby works, like wow. Ok, so I personally felt like I didn’t smell bad at all. After golf, there was the usual sort of grassy smell that tends to happen (idk why but I feel like I smell of grass) but no intense BO or sweat smell. When I wore this out to lunch, I really really really liked it. I found it didn’t develop a strange scent throughout the day as it interacted with my PH and it didn’t leave any residue in the armpit section of my shirt! Big win! Throughout the day when I was at home, I barely noticed it, which is lovely in my opinion. I do feel like if I want to smell something I’ll put on perfume or a heavily scented body cream.

Would I recommend: Yes I would recommend but it’s really really expensive for a deodorant… like $26 vs. with Native I got 3 for under $30 and could apply a discount code.

Price: $$$$ this is a bougie deodorant wow. To be fair, I used my points to get a deluxe sample so I didn’t realize that it would be as expensive as it actually is.

xoxo S

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