My All Time Favourite Beauty Brands

It is no surprise that I love makeup, what is also unsurprising that much like my pickiness when it comes to my clothing I am equally picky with my makeup. I wanted to share with you all some of my favourites, to help if you are looking for some new makeup or are like me and just enjoy beauty!


Nars is my favourite beauty brand, for me, I could exclusively use Nars and be happy. Like with many brands, there are hits and misses, but overall for me and my skintype/what I want to achieve I love almost everything. It’s one of the few brands of foundation that I can wear without fear or it causing breakouts or having the foundation separate throughout the day. I love everything though, blushes, bronzers, eyeshadows etc. The one downside of this brand is that their shade range is nowhere near sufficient. Nars needs to get it’s act together there and create more face products for those of deeper skintones.

Charlotte Tilbury

I really like Charlotte Tilbury for her instant eye palettes, her light to mid-tone nudes that don’t pull ashy and her magical setting powder. I do love her products, but I can only use them at specific points throughout the year.

Charlotte Tilbury for me isn’t exactly as much of an all round love fest as Nars because not all of her formulas work for me. If you have dry skin then perhaps much much more of her formulations will work for you, but for my combo skin her foundations, creams and concealers are sadly a no-go for the most part. I do have a massive gripe with the brand (beyond her price points) and that is her products are not universal. Her shade range is mediocre in comparison to other brands and her colour products tend to show up differently from the pan on those with more yellow undertones.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

I love ABH for their brow and colour products. ABH eyeshadow palettes are my favourites, they are amazing quality and have such diversity in their colour range. I don’t think I need to say anything about their legendary brow products, but in summary, they are worth the hype.

I don’t use too much else from ABH, I have few highlighters which are lovely and blinding but not too much else. I am very hesitant to include the brand though because their politics are a little bit questionable, which is really too bad, it’s really difficult to support them and buy their product until it’s cleared up exactly where they stand and if they’ll cut ties with the people they are affiliated with that are questionable and causing the uncertainty around the brand (in my opinion).


I love Huda’s obsessions palettes, they are what I take travelling with me and are the perfect one look one palette situation. These palettes alone are worth me adding Huda into this list because I use them almost every single time I wear makeup. A special mention should also go to the Huda lipsticks, her colours are beautiful and the neutrals don’t make me look like a corpse (big win!).


I can’t say enough good things about Nudesticks. I haven’t met a single product that I didn’t like. While I can’t use every product all year round due to my skin type, I’ve learned when each product works the best for my skin and I love them. Their eyeshadows and stick highlighter are my summer favourites for easy no makeup makeup days, and their lipsticks are all year favourites. The blushes are just perfect, the colours are so so so flattering and they wear beautifully.

xoxo S

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