Ombre French Manicure: What you need to know, what to ask for and the pics I show my nail tech!

An Ombre French manicure has been my go-to manicure for the last year. I’ve had it done more often than not… it think my obsession comes with how long it makes my hands look and how “natural” it looks in comparison to having a solid colour on my nails.

Depending on where you go, and the method that is employed to create the ombre, it will determine how long the nail art lasts. There are two main methods I’ve seen to create the ombre, either an airbrushed method where they will spray on a white paint or painted on using a sponge. What I’ve found is the airbrushed method if only done on shellac does not last very long… like chipped within 7-10 days. The sponge method however, I’ve had last for 5 weeks. Depending on your level of commitment to maintaining your manicure and the look you want will ultimately determine the manicure you get/ what your local nail salon will do will determine that as well.

Beyond the lasting power, of the sponged manicure there is a difference in look. I personally prefer the look of the airbrushed manicure as where I go uses a really bright white with a pretty sheer pink tone so there is a little more contrast. If you can’t commit to the upkeep, I would suggest trying it out on a bio gel manicure for more lasting power.

Before I go in when I’m booking the appointment I’ll ask for on an Ombre French Manicure or a hand drawn french manicure. If it’s an online booking without an option for French Manicure, then I’ll select nail art for all my nails.

In the nail salon, I’ll ask for an ombre french manicure or an ombre manicure with white tips and a nude base. Usually, I don’t have to explain more beyond an ombre french manicure because they’ve become really common but just incase, I keep a few screen shots of my favourite Pinterest inspo pics handy.

xoxo S

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