The Aritzia Sizing Change You Need To Know About

Aritzia is one of 2 things I’ll break my fast fashion rules for, the other being white poplin cause it’s hard to justify investing in something that’s going to yellow quick AF. While I was at Aritzia this weekend, I noticed that my usual size (I used to be a solid size 2, which their website size guide says fits a size 25-inch waist aka. me and my jean size) is now preeettttyyyy tight. So I sized up and even that is leaning on the snug size for a number of the pieces I tried on. After buying the size up and equating it to being mild bloat (which was true on the waistband front) I was still grappling with WHY a size 4 was still so close to skintight vs. its normal comfortable true fit.

I rooted around in my closet for some of my older Aritzia pieces and pulled out a size 4 skort and a size 2 pant. The size 4 skort was large on me, the way one size up should be, the size 2 pant, on the other hand, fit leaning towards being a little loose. Which is what I’d normally expect because Aritzia used to fit big. So they’ve 100% changed their sizing so that it’s smaller AND it’s 100% not true to size. If it was true to size then everything their size guide labels as fitting a 25-inch waist aka me WOULD fit a 25-inch waist… spoiler it doesn’t.

My suggestion is now to size up at least 1 – 2 sizes, and try everything on in store if possible. I personally feel like it’s a mild pain now because to get everything to fit you nicely especially if you have curves, you are going to have to size up 2 sizes and then get the places that don’t fit you taken in. Honestly, not ideal for off the rack.

However, Aritzia really does make cute trendy clothing that can withstand the test of time so I will still be buying from them… just likely not as much of their in house trousers/skirts etc.

xoxo Steph


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