The Beauty Selfie- February

I can’t believe February has come and gone! This month on the beauty shelfie there really isn’t too much of a difference but I have added a few bits (the First Aid Beauty Peel and the Facial Radiance Pads). I also refilled my Almond Milk Concentrate from L’Occitane with the refill so the bottle has stayed the same butI just added more product!

I feel like I’ve been making good progress through my stash! My shelf is still way too crowded but I’m starting to feel that I’m making progress through some of the easier items (the moisturizers and cleansers).

What I’ve Used Up:

I’ve used up a mini of the Tatcha Water Cream. This has very quickly become one of my favourite moisturizers to layer under foundation. It’s so light-weight but moisturizing, it’s perfect for everyday. I’ve got another mini that I’m trying to save while working through the other moisturizers, but my resolve may fail because it’s so good!

Rating: 10/10

It’s my current favourite so obviously a 10/10!

Price: $$$

Tatcha is by no means an inexpensive brand but I’ve found that the products do last a fair amount and they really do get the job done.

I’ve used up the Ole Henriksen Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator, while this wasn’t my favourite moisturizer I did manage to use it up. I found that it was drying on the areas of my face that needed some hydration which made this a difficult moisturizer to use throughout the year. It was really only perfect during high summer when it’s incredibly humid and my combination skin was perfectly in balance.

Rating: 5/10

If you had super oily skin all over, then I think maybe this moisturizer would be up your alley but if you combination skin then this might not work on the more dry areas.

I hope you guys enjoyed this months Shelfie!

xoxo S

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