The Hero Pant of 2020 | Aritzia Wilfred Melina Pant

Hello Hello Everyone!

Alright, today we are talking about Aritzia. Since so many of you a) have found me through my Aritzia blog posts and b) have found me because I talk insistently about these pants on YouTube because me, myself, and the whole dang internet are obsessed with them I wanted to make a post that compiles all my current Melina Pant videos and have a quick resource for anyone who hasn’t yet found my YouTube Channel and wants a quick overview of why these pants are the best and why you *need* to spend your money on them.

These pants are crazy popular atm and I would definitely consider them one of the in demand items of the season…. these are sweater vests tbh. I’m not usually one to say you guys need to buy something… because well… this is fashion and it’s never so important that it’s a need… but like these should be high priority and also a great thing to as for in your Christmas list. They take a basic trouser to the next level with the buttery soft vegan leather, while not being uncomfortable or so stiff as to make sitting uncomfortable.

So first things first, linked below is my original Melina Pant Video as well as the update videos I have live (I’ll add them to this as they are published). This video takes you through the sizing, my pros and cons and the initial thoughts I have. For your reference when you watch the videos, I’m just under 5’9, wear a size 2 in the regular length and have a 25 inch waist.

To summarize some key points:

I love them

They do fit snug on the waist but are super flattering everywhere else

They are made out of the my favourite vegan leather formulation

They do stretch out (so far it’s only a little but update 2 will have the final verdict)

Did I mention they are super flattering?

What you actually need to know about the pants if you don’t watch my videos (you should though, they are far more detailed and it supports me as a content creator!).

The pants retail for $148 Canadian, come in three lengths and 8 colours and two different materials (suede and vegan leather).

The Aritzia vegan leather is the BEST formulation in my opinion. It is far superior to all other vegan leathers, it’s so soft and comfortable. It doesn’t need to be broken in and is amazing quality for a premium high street price.

I’ve also linked my dedicated comparison videos as well comparing the other Aritzia vegan leather trousers to the Melina’s incase you guys are curious about the differences.

I’ve also linked my dedicated lookbooks showing you how I’ve been styling the pants across the different temperature ranges.

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