Virtuvi Diffuser Review + What Essential Oils I Use

I have recently invested in a diffuser after both my roommates in 4th year spent the whole year raving about how good theirs were. I’ve taken the plunge and I’ve bought myself one of the Virtuvi Stone Diffusers from Sephora.

My main motivations for buying a diffuser were to have it act as a mini humidifier and to help me sleep by filling my room with the smell of lavender. I also wanted to try out an alternative to burning candles which I find can mess with the air quality in the room. It’s become even more noticeable since we’ve gotten the Dyson Fans with the HEPA filters and the app that comes with them also tells you how your air quality is doing.

Since I’ve gotten the diffuser I’ve been using it religiously every night and it has indeed helped me sleep, even more so it’s helped to keep my room at a good humidity level making it easier to breathe throughout the night. Not to mention the touch of lavender circulating throughout my room during the night is super relaxing.

The sleep benefits aside here are my pros and cons.


  • Two Different Settings – One timed mode that lasts for three hours and the other runs the humidifier in intervals for 8 hours.
  • Night light – there is a very soft night light that lights up the bottom of the humidifier that I find useful for refilling it in the dark
  • Good Water reservoir  – I find that the reservoir can hold up to two cycles on the three-hour mode


  • The plastic lid – it collects quite a bit of condensation which makes the removal of it to refill the reservoir very messy. There isn’t a way that I’ve found yet to prevent all the drippage that occurs.

Overall I would recommend this diffuser and I do suggest checking out both Sephora and the Virtuvi website to see what colours they have as each tend to carry different colours for the stone covers.

Essential Oils I Use: 

I currently use lavender oil and eucalyptus oil. I don’t particularly use essential oils for any sort of healing benefits, I just like the smell of lavender oil and it relaxes me so I can sleep and Eucalyptus is the main ingredient in Vicks which if you are unfamiliar helps clear a stuffy nose.

Beyond these two very practical essential oils I do want to try out a few more of the Virtruvi blends!

xoxo Steph

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