Why Dolce & Gabbana is Cancelled

It’s the end of D&G as we know it. Two months ago, Stefano Gabbana, co-founder of the eponymous Dolce & Gabbana made RACIST comments against members of the Chinese Ethno-Cultural Group (Ethno-Cultural: A social science term commonly used in discussion about race, ethnicity and nationality to denote the grouping of ethnicity and culture to create a particular group of peoples). Gabbana took it upon himself to call Chinese considers an ‘ignorant dirty smelling mafia’ (BOF IG). He has yet to apologize and despite having an exhibition cancelled in Shanghai, Chinese consumers actively boycotting the line AND the rest of the world up in arms against this blatant act of racism. 


Now if it isn’t already clear, you as the average consumer should not buy D&G. Why? Well.. racism is bad… pretty simple. There’s a lot of back and forth throughout the comment sections of articles covering this situation that almost pit Chinese racism against Gabbana’s racism with people saying “oh ya well… Chinese are racist too”. I hate to break it to everyone, but there are racists in EVERY ethnocultural group. The whole point of the entire consumer group boycotting D&G is to send a message to companies everywhere that they can’t get away with blatant racism. 


The Dolce & Gabbana Chinese New Year Collection in previous years has been a big seller for the brand during the doldrums between Christmas and Spring Launches. This year, the company has not released any sort of launch on their e-commerce, unlike other major luxury brands like Gucci. They are losing out on the huge sales potential as in preparation for CNY, we will always shop for at least new shoes if not an entirely new outfit in lucky colours (red + gold). 


In alienating China, D&G faces a serious loss of market share. It is common knowledge that the Chinese luxury consumers are a crucial key stone in keeping the luxury market a float. With this loss of profits, we will definitely see a long term impact on the brand as they are forced to cut their losses. 


All in all, this is just a really awful situation. Many consumers (myself included) do really like pieces from D&G and it’s going to be a shame to stop buying their beautiful summer dresses. However, until Gabbana apologizes or steps down from his current role in the company, I cannot in good faith support a blatant racists nor can I encourage anyone else to do anything except send a message by boycotting D&G products. 




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