Zodiac Gift Guide – Capricorn

Dates: December 22nd to January 19th

Capricorns are skilled at navigating both the emotional and material realms. Capricorns look within themselves to solve challenges stoping them from achieving their long term goals and will refuse to lose sight of what they are trying to achieve. Due to their unwavering focus, Capricorns may initially appear cold and unemotional

Capricorns are excellent at taking action and launching initiatives, they can be successful in any industry. While Capricorns do find success it is important for them to maintain a healthy work-life balance and not become workaholics.

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*These gift guides are for your inspiration and do contain affiliate links. I am not saying you HAVE to buy these products, they are to give you an idea incase you are stumped on what to get them or they are very into having gifts specifically tailored to their zodiac. Affiliate links do not mean you are charged extra for the product, I simply receive a small commission from the retailer (provided by RewardStyle) when you purchase through my link. Purchasing through my affiliate link does really help me out as I a) as previously mentioned receive a small commission which helps me “keep the lights one” and b) it tells me which products you guys are liking so I can tailor my product selection when making these gift guides to things you will actually purchase!*

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  1. The Quarterly Wine Club – With so many birthdays falling immediately before, during or after either Christmas or NYE that some wine (delivered quarterly) is just what they need to help them get through the busy holiday season.
  2. Glacce Crystal Elixir Water Bottle – If your Capricorn friend is intent on world domination, then a water bottle with a soothing crystal will not only keep them hydrated but also (maybe) keep them centred in their quest for world domination
  3. VOLO Hair Hero Quick Dry Towel – For the work-a-holic Capricorn that doesn’t want to spend too much time blow drying their hair, this quick dry towel will help them get out the door faster and on to conquering their goals.
  4. Dot Menstrual Cup – If they are constantly on the go and don’t want to deal with the hassle (or environmental waste) of tampons or pad, gift them a Menstrual cup. Cross-fitters and vegans both swear by them.
  5. Microfibre Makeup Removing Cloths – For your Capricorn that is always staying late at the office or out hustling networking until late at night, these makeup removing clothes will cut down their nightly routine to let them get more ZZZs.
  6. Pearl Molly Headband – A padded headband is effectively a crown. Give your Capricorn an accessory that reflects their desire to succeed and ultimately lead.
  7. Bottega Veneta Black Bifold Card Holder – A practical but beautiful card holder for all their business cards and credit/debit cards, to keep them organized.
  8. Calm the Chaos Journal – This journal will help them balance and navigate their emotional and material goals.

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